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Customers buying products or services online prefer paying in their national currencies. Australians are no exception to this rule, especially when it comes to online casinos. It is not just about convenience or national pride – converting to another currency like the US Dollar or UK Pound involves more steps and can also incur extra charges in the form of conversion fees!

Everything online is about instant gratification. If you don’t provide the quickest service, someone else will. The casinos all realize this, which is why the ones that attract Australian players always offer AUD payments. And since Australia is such a huge gambling market, there were plenty of AUD casinos online up until 2017-18.

Online casinos with AUD deposit
AU$ 250
100% match bonus, wager: 35
AU$ 2000
200% match bonus, wager: 50
AU$ 2000
200% match bonus, wager: 30
AU$ 1,000
300% match bonus, wager: 30
AU$ 200
100% match bonus, wager: 50
AU$ 1350
200% match bonus, wager: 30
AU$ 100
100% match bonus, wager: 30
AU$ 2000
200% match bonus, wager: 35


Though the number of online casinos that accept AUD has declined in recent years, there are still plenty of offshore online casinos catering to this huge demand. But sheer numbers alone do not mean anything since there are a few rotten apples in every bushel! You have to be careful when picking an online casino as there could be scammers anywhere. This is why we have taken all this effort to create a carefully curated selection of the best AUD casinos.

This way, you can spend your valuable time doing what you enjoy most, be it pokies or table games. The casinos in our list were handpicked based on their reputation, the convenience of banking payments and withdrawals, and reliability. We have only included casinos that offer the favourite payment methods of Australian players (POLi for instance).

So go ahead and check out our list of the best AUD casinos, cast off all your worries about rogue casinos, and embark on an amazing journey today!.

New Regulations and AUD Online Casinos

In the heydays of i-gaming in Australia, the market grew at a frenetic pace, attracting casino operators from all over the world. While most of them were trustworthy and reliable, there were more than a handful that caused problems for players regarding payments and other issues.

And on top of that, due to their immense entertainment potential and convenience, online casinos were quickly taking over the customers from other offline gambling businesses in Australia.

The Australian government framed new laws related to online casino gambling in 2017-18, drastically impacting the ability of foreign operators to serve Australian players. But since gambling is a cultural phenomenon in Australia, the authorities have not banned it on the player side. What does this mean?

If you want to play online at a foreign operator casino as an Australian resident or citizen, it is your choice. Nobody is going to prosecute you. The government is instead going after the operators, making it harder for them to do online casino business on Australian soil.

So there is no risk for players who want to join an AUD casino in 2019 and beyond. The only problem is finding good casinos since many have shut shop due to legal pressure. This is why we are here, presenting you with a list of reliable casinos that still serve the Australian market!

AUD online casinos

Are you looking for an online casino that allows you to deposit in Australian Dollars (AUD)? Your search ends right here. This list has everything you need to know about trustworthy online casinos that welcome player deposits in Australian currency.

Using your local currency at a casino comes with many advantages. The obvious ones are all about convenience, speed, and avoid extra charges. But then there are a few important factors that players fail to consider.

Take, for instance, the serious issue of safe and responsible gambling. You need to have the ability to control how much you spend at an online casino. To do this effectively you need to know the exact amount you have in your casino account.

Having to convert AUDs into other currencies can mess it all up. Mistakes can be made, and you might end up wagering much more than you planned to do. Nobody wants that, not even online casinos who profit when players make large bets.

This is why casinos offer a lot of different currency options, including AUD support. And it is the same reason why we highly recommend that you only ever play with your local currency when gambling online.

With foreign currencies, there is also the risk of not finding compatible payment options. For instance, due to restrictions on online casinos in Australia, not all payment methods are available to players here. We are looking at options like Neteller and Skrill in particular.

A true A$ casino would know that and offer Australia-friendly payment channels like Neosurf, POLi, bitcoin, and credit cards. Our list only includes casinos that pass this criterion. When you play at these online casinos from Australia, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Simple and hassle-free transactions with high speeds
  • Many different deposit methods
  • Full support for Australian Dollar (AUD) transactions, both deposits, and withdrawals

How to Deposit AUD in Casinos

There are many options when it comes to depositing Australian currency at online casinos. To start, you need to have a registered account at an AUD online casino, like the ones we have highlighted on this page.

Creating a new account at an online casino is both easy and fun. It is easy because all it takes is a few minutes filling up online forms with basic information – you name, address, email ID, stuff like that.

It is fun because joining a new casino is like Christmas – you are about to get a ton of amazing welcome bonuses and no deposit bonuses! And to trigger some of these welcome packages, you will need to make a small token deposit in AUDs.

To do that, just head to the Cashier section of the casino after completing your registration process. Virtually all online casinos have this section – sometimes it is called Banking, or just Deposits and Withdrawals.

Select deposits and the casino will provide you with a host of Australian payment options. You can pick any one of these depending on your circumstances and preferences. Do you have a VISA/MasterCard credit card linked to your bank account? You can use that to deposit AUDs.

If you don’t want casino billing info showing up on your card statements, look for a prepaid option like Neosurf. Buy the voucher offline using cash, and provide the 10-digit number to the casino to deposit cash privately!

POLi is yet another secure option to make payments in AUD to online casinos these days. It uses internet banking and does not require new registration or extra passwords. And finally, if you want the ultimate anonymous online casino experience, select bitcoin as your payment option.

AUD to Bitcoin Casino – Exchange Rates in Casino

Bitcoin (BTC) has been gaining a lot of fans in the AU$ casino business due to the withdrawal of options like Neteller, Skrill, and Paysafecard from the market. It has almost become mandatory for casino operators to include bitcoin as a payment option these days.

And getting into the world of cryptocurrencies is easier than ever before. You can convert AU$ to bitcoins at many online crypto exchanges. The best AU$ bitcoin casinos actually provide helpful links to the best exchanges.

At a bitcoin exchange like Coinbase or Coinmama, you can buy bitcoins using a debit card, credit card, or other online payment options. The conversion rate is similar to other currencies as it keeps fluctuating based on market demand. In 2019, the exchange rate between BTC and AUD has stayed above AU$10,000 for 1 BTC.

USD to AUD – Exchange Rates in Casino

As the de-facto global currency, US dollars are accepted at virtually all online casinos. It is stable, has great value, and can be easily converted to any local currency. Even though we recommend using AU$ at online casinos if you are an Australian, there can be situations where it might make sense to exchange AUD to USD.

If you really want to convert from AUD to USD for some reason, it is quite easy. Almost all major payment options give users the ability to convert the currency to US Dollars. The rates are fixed according to Forex market trends, and they may also charge some percentage as fees, usually around 2%.

In 2019, 1 USD is equal to roughly 1.45 AUD, with occasional fluctuations. If you want to get 100 USD, you will need to spend roughly 145 A$, along with 3-5 dollars as fees and charges.

How to Withdraw Real Money Australian Dollars at Online Casino

Winning a lot of cash is part and parcel of online casino gaming. When this happens, you have two options – keep playing with your winning or withdraw it in full or partially. If you pick an AU$ casino, it will allow you to withdraw cash in real Australian dollars to your bank account.

To ensure that everything goes without a hitch, it is important to pick the right casino for you, in terms of AUD support, payment options that you can use, and other factors. You will find a lot of amazing options for AUS players in our casino list here.

Once you pick a casino and register, you have to do these things to be eligible for real money withdrawal in AU$:


How to Withdraw

  1. Deposit

    Make a deposit

  2. Win

    Wager real money and win cash

  3. Complete wager

    If playing with a bonus, complete all wagering requirements

  4. KYC

    Complete Full KYC process, submit all documents requested by the casino

If you have finished all these steps, you can safely head to the Cashier section of the website and request a withdrawal. Online casinos usually send money to the same credit card, bitcoin wallet, or bank account you use to deposit.

Depending on the method used, it can take anywhere from a few hours (bitcoin) to 7 days (bank wire) for the cash to reach your account.

Other Features of Online Casino Australian Dollars

With gambling, cash is always king. Full support for local AUD currency payments with zero fees (or close to it) is the bare minimum you should seek when looking for an online casino in Australia.

But that alone does not make for a pleasant i-gaming experience. You also need service and games that match your expenditure at the casino. A lot of different factors contribute to creating a safe and enjoyable online casino experience.

This is why our shortlisted casinos all have been tested on other aspects beyond AUD support. Take licensing for instance – casino licenses cost quite a lot of money and when an operator has invested in it, that implies that they are serious about running a legit operation

Besides, many of the top software companies only deal with licensed and registered casinos. And you do need those top brands like Betsoft and Microgaming to have truly entertaining gaming experience. Pokies are a must, with most AUD casinos offer hundreds of unique titles.

It also helps if you have other games to try every once in a while – stuff like roulette, blackjack, poker, and baccarat are all eternal classics that every casino lover should be able to try. The AUD casinos in our shortlist have pokies, all the classics, and much more!

And let’s not forget bonuses – they truly anchor what online casino experience is all about – getting free cash to play at a new casino of your choosing! We take an in-depth look at all A$ Casinos to ensure that all the bonus terms and conditions are fair and transparent.

We also look at the online security systems in place at the casino, given the risks of hacking and data theft. All the casinos handpicked by our team have been vetted and found to have the best online security systems in place.

To conclude, when you click on any one of the Australian online casinos on this page, you are guaranteed the following features:

  • Full support for Australian dollar payments
  • Many fast and convenient deposit and withdrawal options
  • Highly secure online websites
  • Huge collection of amazing games from top vendors
  • Tons of pokies!
  • Generous bonuses with fair and transparent terms
  • Reliable operators with a proven track record

AUD Online Casinos FAQ

  • What is an AUD Casino?

    An AUD casino, also called an AU$ or A$ Casino, is simply an online casino that allows players to deposit, wager, and withdraw in Australian dollars. A few deal exclusively in AU$, while most of them support multiple currencies.

  • Are AUD casinos legal and safe to play at?

    Yes, there are many licensed and legal casinos with AUD support in the world. They do not exist on Australian soil because the government does not allow them to operate in Australia. But it is perfectly safe and legal for AUS players to register and wager real money at these casinos.

  • Do AUD Casinos give a free cash bonus?

    Yes, many online casinos do provide a one-time offer of free cash or free spins to new players. You can find these “no deposit” bonuses at many casinos on our list. It is completely free and requires you to just register an account.

  • What is the best banking method at an AUD casino?

    It depends on a lot of factors. Credit cards are the most convenient, but lack privacy. For maximum safety, speed, and privacy, bitcoin is the best choice in Australia.

  • How to exchange AUD for bitcoins at a casino?

    You cannot exchange AUD for bitcoins at the casino. But you will find links to popular bitcoin exchanges at many casino sites these days. Get a bitcoin wallet online first, and then go to a coin exchange to buy Bitcoin using AUD, through cards or other online payments.

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