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Bitcoin is an online currency that has been around for over a decade now. Unless you were living under a rock these past few years (especially in 2018), you have probably heard of bitcoins at least in passing.

Avid casino gamers would know much more about bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies because of the huge role they have begun to play in online casinos. More and more players across the world are getting drawn towards Bitcoin as their preferred payment option at online casinos.

This trend is particularly strong in Australia, where other payment options like Neteller, Skrill, and Paypal are no longer open to AU players.  The problem with these options is that they are all owned by companies who can change their attitude and plans at the drop of a coin.

Bitcoin online casinos in Australia
AU$ 250
100% match bonus, wager: 35
AU$ 2000
200% match bonus, wager: 50
AU$ 2000
200% match bonus, wager: 30
AU$ 1,000
300% match bonus, wager: 30
AU$ 200
100% match bonus, wager: 50
AU$ 1350
200% match bonus, wager: 30
AU$ 100
100% match bonus, wager: 30
AU$ 2000
200% match bonus, wager: 35

In contrast, Bitcoin is an online currency that is outside the control of any government, bank, business, or individual. It is driven purely by its market demand. But in everything else, it is just like a Fiat currency (AUD, USD, EUR etc).

You can buy it using AUDs, just like you buy British Pounds or Euros at a currency exchange. And you can use it to make deposits at casinos, buy stuff online, and transfer it to others across the world. Let’s look closely at all the ins and outs of using Bitcoin at AU online casinos.

Australian Online casinos that accept Bitcoin

The AU Online casino market is full of enterprises that freely accept Bitcoin deposits. Casino operators love bitcoin because they do not have to pay any fees to host it on their sites. With other payment processes like credit cards and e-wallets, they have to pay a cut from their revenues as fees.

But Bitcoin is free to use for both players and online casinos. And it does not have a central authority that decides which casino is eligible to use bitcoin payments. This level of accessibility has ensured that most of the top AU online casinos offer Bitcoins as both deposit and withdrawal options.

Here are a few standout examples of AU online casinos with bitcoin compatibility. The list includes illustrious names like PlayAmo, TrueBlue, BetChan, FairGo, 7Bit, SlotoCash, BitStarz, Wild Tornado, and Fortune Jack.

Bitcoin casino bonuses and free spins/no deposit

Due to its security features and free usage, many casinos are eager to promote bitcoin deposits by its players. To make this happen, AU online casinos have started offering special bonuses that are tied to deposits made using Bitcoin.

The deposit bonuses are incredibly valuable, due to the exchange value of bitcoin compared to regular currencies. It is not unusual to find casinos offering matching deposit bonuses above 1 Bitcoin (1BTC). To put things in perspective, 1BTC = 12,000+ AUD at 2019 rates!

Even though they are of relatively lesser value than deposit bonuses, free spins also have their own charm. On the plus side, you can also get them more often, since they are tied to frequent deposits you make in bitcoins. The larger deposit bonuses are mostly one-time offers usually available as a welcome bonus.

The difference between Bitcoin casinos and Bitcoin-friendly Online casinos

These two may sound similar at first glance, but they are, in reality, two different kinds of online casinos.

A bitcoin-friendly casino is a regular online casino that offers bitcoin as a payment option, along with other banking methods. These casinos have games from popular third-party software vendors like Betsoft, Quickspin, and iSoftBet.

You will be required to register an account, providing some personal information in the process. And the payment options will include other methods like credit cards, net banking, prepaid cards, and e-wallets. They are ideal for most regular players.

In contrast, true Bitcoin Casinos are all about privacy and anonymity. They take the “bitcoin” part of their business very seriously indeed. There is usually no registration required (everything is automated), and they do not ask for your personal data.

The games will be specially made for cryptocurrency gambling. Since this is still an emerging area without much official industry support, you won’t find any big-name vendors here. And the game selection will be low with limited graphics and feature sets.

As far as payments are concerned, there are no other options beside Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and LiteCoin. These off-beat casinos are preferred by hardcore privacy and crypto enthusiasts.

Bitcoin Gambling In Australia

Australia is without a doubt, one of the biggest gambling nations in the world. Playing games of chance is part of the national psyche and culture – Aussies truly have a passion for pokies in particular. Every year, we spend over $200 billion on gambling!

In the field of bitcoin transactions, Australia is still in a growth phase. Cryptocurrency statistics indicate that AUD is ranked outside the top ten currencies that are exchanged for bitcoins every year. But Australia is still in the top 20, and slowly rising,

While over US$300 million is traded for bitcoins every day in 2019, the figure for AUD is around 4 million (1.4 billion a year). That should give you a rough idea about the current level of bitcoin gambling in Australia. With the growing popularity of online casinos and stopping of major payment options like Neteller and Skrill, Bitcoin gambling is certainly on the rise.

Mobile bitcoin casinos

Yes, you can play bitcoin casino games on your mobile device. Most of the AU online casinos offer full support for mobile gaming, both on iOS and Android. These casinos also offer bitcoins and deposit and withdrawal methods. You can play securely and anonymously from pretty much anywhere, as long as there is a WiFi or 4G network connectivity.

Bitcoin live casinos

Live casinos are the ultimate online source for a truly immersive gaming experience. Using live human dealers and video streaming technology, they allow you to play as you would at a land-based casino, that too right from your living room.

With the growing popularity of bitcoin deposits, several online casinos have started offering live dealer games that support wagers placed in bitcoins. Some examples include BitStarz, 7Bit, and Box24 Casino.

The Benefits of Using Bitcoin at Online Casinos

Using bitcoins at an online casino is a no-brainer when you consider these amazing benefits:

  • Bitcoin transactions are completely free with no fees or hidden charges
  • Unlike credit cards and banks, they do not take days or even hours to deposit and withdraw money
  • Bitcoin offers extreme security for all transactions and is quite hard to hack
  • You are not forced to reveal your personal identity or financial details while using bitcoins
  • Casinos offer huge bonuses worth thousands of AUD when you deposit in bitcoins
  • With the huge increase in demand, owning bitcoins is also a lucrative investment

How to buy bitcoin in Australia

There are three steps involved in buying bitcoins, be it in Australia or anywhere else in the world:

  1. Pick a Bitcoin Wallet – Bitcoin does not have any notes or coins – instead, there are private keys – a long sequence of unique numbers & alphabets that carry your money value. You need to store these keys somewhere secure – in a bitcoin wallet. They come in many forms – hardware wallets (Trezor), PC desktop wallets (Exodus), mobile wallets (Coinomi), and Web wallets (GreenAddress). Pick one as the first step.
  2. Pick a Bitcoin Exchange – As a beginner, the easiest is to buy bitcoins from one of the dozens of online broker platforms like eToro, ZebPay, and Cointree. Sign up and create an account at one of these. You may have to provide your email, or even other contact information and IDs.
  3. Buy Bitcoin – Each exchange supports different payment methods like credit cards, net banking, BPAY, and others. Once you create your account, you can select the quantity of Bitcoin you need, select the payment method, and make your purchase in AUDs. You can then transfer the keys you get to that bitcoin wallet you picked.


How to Deposit Using Bitcoin

Depositing Bitcoins at a casino is a very simple procedure:

  • Sign up at a Bitcoin casino and head to the payments/deposits page
  • Pick bitcoins as your preferred method
  • The casino will provide you with the address of your online casino bitcoin account
  • This will be in the form of a sequence of numbers, and sometimes a QR code as well
  • You can paste the address into your bitcoin wallet and send money to it
  • Or you can scan the QR code using your mobile camera (if you use a mobile wallet) and send cash from the wallet to the casino

How to Withdraw Using Bitcoin

AU Online casinos have made withdrawing bitcoins a quick and easy process:

  • Head to your casino’s cashier section and click on withdrawals
  • Specify the amount you want to withdraw and pick Bitcoins as the preferred mode
  • The casino will ask for the public address of your bitcoin wallet
  • You can withdraw to any type of wallet – PC, Mobile, Online, etc.
  • Find the sequence of numbers from your wallet and paste them into the casino
  • Confirm the request and the currency will get deposited into your wallet in a few minutes!

Bitcoins FAQ

  • Where can I buy Bitcoins?

    You can buy bitcoins online through three different methods. You can sign up at bitcoin exchanges and buy them, a bit like buying from an online store like Apple of Amazon.

    Another option would be to buy from other individuals online at P2P bitcoin exchanges (a bit like Gumtree).

    A more advanced method is to buy from trading platforms like Binance, but here you can only exchange bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

  • How can I afford to buy Bitcoins? OR Can I buy less than 1 BTC?

    Buying one BTC will take thousands of dollars, so this is a good question. Just like cents to the dollar, bitcoin has millibitcoins (mBTC) which is a thousandth of a Bitcoin. 1mBTC is roughly equal to $12 Australian. If you cannot afford to spend on 1BTC, you can buy them in mBTC.

  • Is Bitcoin gambling legal in Australia?

    If you are an Australian citizen/resident, there is nothing illegal in playing at online casinos. While businesses are prohibited from offering any type of online gambling other than lottery and sports betting, players are not prosecuted for playing online.

    And bitcoin is also quite legal in Australia. When you put these two facts together, it is quite clear that gambling using bitcoin is completely safe and legal in Australia for individuals.

  • How safe is Bitcoin?

    As long as you keep your private keys safely stored away in a secure bitcoin wallet, there is nothing to fear about your money getting stolen. You should never store your bitcoins online at an exchange though. Those bitcoin exchanges are a favourite target for hackers. Keep your keys safely tucked away, and always remember that if you lose them, your cash is as good as gone!

  • Is using bitcoin totally private and anonymous?

    Yes, but only as far as your financial information is concerned. When you use bitcoins at casinos, you are not exposing your credit card info online. But if anybody is watching your online activity, they will see that you are playing at an online casino. If you want maximum privacy while gambling online, you should combine bitcoins with privacy measures like a VPN, Tor browser, among others.

  • Can in play using Bitcoins at AU Online Casinos?

    Yes, bitcoin is a very popular payment option available at most major AU-facing casinos. If you are thinking about getting into bitcoin gambling, now is a great time to take the plunge. With Skrill, Neteller, and Paypal all unavailable at AU casinos, the demand for bitcoin is soaring.

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