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  3. What is Neosurf?
  4. Advantages of Using Neosurf for Online Payments
  5. Managing Your Neosurf Card
  6. How to Withdraw Funds Using Neosurf
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There are several different ways in which you can use your money for online activities such as making a deposit at an AU casino, or buying something from an e-commerce site. But the more popular options involve the use of a credit card or your bank account information.

While using these, you will be forced to divulge some private financial data at the payments page. Given the rise in online hacking and the use of malware for data theft, there is a risk in leaving your personal data at online sites.

The problem is particularly acute with online casinos. There are hundreds of them out there, and you cannot be certain about the security credentials of each one. With the rise in popularity of i-gaming, there was an increasing demand for more secure and private payment methods.

E-wallets like Skrill and Neteller arose to meet this demand, as did prepaid vouchers like Paysafecard. Neosurf falls into the latter category. It is a prepaid voucher brand owned by a French company which started its operations in 2004.

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Within 15 years, Neosurf has grown into a global brand, available in 45 countries across the world. An estimated 150,000 shops and retailers currently sell Neosurf cards. You can find these shops in all major locations around Australia, in all 6 states in 2019.

AU Online Casinos that Accept Neosurf Payments

Online casino gaming is one of the biggest markets for Neosurf voucher payments. This is especially the case for markets like Australia, where there are some legal restrictions on online casinos. Due to this problem, major payment solutions like Paypal and Paysafecard cannot be used at AU online casinos.

Instead of those payment options, most AU casinos offer secure methods like Neosurf to Australian players. The great thing with Neosurf is that it is widely available at virtually all AU online casinos as of 2019.

Some online casinos where you can bet on pokies using Neosurf include JokaRoom, Wild Tornado, Red Dog, King Billy, Red Stag, and many more. In fact, it would be much easier to count AU online casinos that do not offer Neosurf as an option these days!

What is Neosurf?

To put it simply, Neosurf is a prepaid voucher or card you can buy offline from select stores, shops, supermarket chains, petrol pumps, and other retail outlets. You pay in cash and get a card containing a code or pin.

The code can be used to pay for stuff online at platforms and sites that accept Neosurf vouchers. This is an alternative to using a credit card or bank account. AU residents who don’t have a credit card or online banking, or those who do not wish to use these for online payments, use Neosurf as an alternative.

Neosurf is widely used to pay for many different types of online entertainment services. It is used to top up online video gaming accounts like League of Legends and Heroes Online. Many online poker and casino sites, including AU online casinos, readily accept deposits in Neosurf.

Advantages of Using Neosurf for Online Payments

Neosurf is a trusted brand with a global presence. When you purchase a Neosurf voucher, you are essentially getting money in another form. There are situations where you can pay others by giving them the voucher – it is as good as your AUDs in cash!

But the real benefits of Neosurf can be found online. As we noted earlier, if you deal only in cash, but want to buy something online, or deposit at an AU casino, you can do it with Neosurf. No need to worry anymore about not having credit cards of bank accounts!

And even if you have those, we recommend that you NOT use them for online casino deposits. People dislike using credit cards at online casinos for several reasons. One, there is always a risk of online data theft at all sites, not just casinos.

Two, expenses at a casino showing up on a credit card bill might make things uncomfortable for some people. This could be at home, where you don’t want others to know that you like playing pokies online. It could also surface at a bank or a creditor, where you go to make loan applications.

Given the social taboos still associated with gambling, it is better to keep your financial information separate from online casinos. With Neosurf, you are paying for in cash – there is no way to link a Neosurf card to your bank account or credit card.

This level of privacy is one of the biggest advantages of using Neosurf online. It helps when it is so easy to get your hands on Neosurf in Australia. It is available at hundreds of stores across the country. Some may feel that going out to buy a voucher is a hassle.

But in online gambling, it can actually be a boon. This way, you can have extra control on your gambling habit! Also, it is not too hard for Australia residents to find a nearby shop that sells Neosurf. It is readily available at Woolworths, EZYMart, and other retailers.

Using Neosurf to Deposit in Online Accounts

Neosurf is a very user-friendly online payment option. All you need to get started is some cash. In Australia, you can of course buy vouchers using AUDs. Follow these steps to get started


How to deposit to casino using Neosurf

  1. Go Official site

    We recommend that you go to the Neosurf Official site here and search for Australian retail outlets near your area using the tools provided.

  2. Find store

    For example, in the state of Victoria, you can find over 25 different stores selling Neosurf vouchers in Melbourne alone.

  3. Go to the store

    Once you zero in on your preferred retailer, grab your car keys, or hail a cab and go to that store with some cash!

  4. Buy voucher

    You can ask for a Neosurf voucher and pay in cash, or credit card depending on your preference. They do not ask for any IDs.

  5. Get digit code

    In return, the store will give you a receipt with a 10-digit code printed on it.

  6. Select card

    This is your unique code that contains your money. You can buy Neosurf cards worth $10, 20, 30, 50, 100 or more, depending on how much you need.

  7. Open online casino

    Once you get the code, go online to the casino or site where you want to pay/deposit.

  8. Select Neosurf and pay

    Select Neosurf as the payment/deposit option and enter your 10-digit code.

  9. Deposit done

    The money will get deposited instantly!

  10. Remember PIN

    You don’t have to use the entire card amount in one go. Just remember to keep the PIN safe, and do not share it with anyone!

That is all you need to do to pay using Neosurf. No need to provide any ID, give your name or register an account of any sort. It is quick, easy, private, and incredibly convenient.

Managing Your Neosurf Card

Neosurf vouchers have a maximum validity of one year after purchase. If you have balance left over from a transaction, you can check it by going online to the Neosurf Official website. There is an option called My Card. Click on it and they will ask you to enter your 10-digit voucher PIN. Feed that info into the website and they will show you the balance on the voucher.

With Neosurf, you also have the option to transfer remaining balance to a new card for easy management of all your cash. You can opt to transfer cash after providing the PIN and checking your balance.

How to Withdraw Funds Using Neosurf

Under normal usage, Neosurf is mainly for deposits at AU online casinos. Since it is an anonymous prepaid voucher, most online casinos only use it to accept deposits. Withdrawals on a deposit made through Neosurf are usually done using bank transfer or other methods like E-wallets if available by online casinos.

This is the prevailing situation at AU online casinos as well. Normally, you cannot withdraw funds to your ordinary Neosurf voucher. If you want enhanced withdrawal features from Neosurf, you will have to open a My Neosurf account.

Here, you will be asked to register by giving your name, ID, contact details, bank accounts, and other personal information. Once you register, you will get a Neosurf account that functions like an online wallet. You can add PINs to this account, deposit cash using credit cards and banking, and withdraw their balance to your bank account if you wish.

But in the process, you lose one of the main advantages of Neosurf, which is the privacy aspect. Once you register an account, you will have to provide full details to Neosurf. In comparison, the normal voucher system is still better, even though you do not have easy withdrawal facility.

Neosurf FAQ

  • Does Neosurf charge any fees?

    Neosurf does not charge you any fees if you use the cards just to make online deposits or purchases in AUD. If you want to pay in a different currency value at overseas websites, then the company may charge a nominal fee for currency conversion. Other than that, they will charge a small maintenance fee after 12 months if you keep a balance in your Neosurf voucher without spending it.

    And another great feature of Neosurf is that AU online casinos do not charge any fees when you deposit using these vouchers. You get maximum value for the cash you spend when opting for Neosurf in Australia.

  • How can I find the balance of my Neosurf voucher?

    Go to the Neosurf official website and select My Card. Enter your 10-digit voucher to find its current balance.

  • Can I cancel or reverse a Neosurf transaction?

    No, once you make a payment using Neosurf voucher, the amount is instantly deposited into the sellers account. You may contact the seller and try to get your money back. Other than that, there are no other ways.

  • Who can buy a Neosurf card in Australia?

    The basic voucher can be bought by just about anybody. There are no age restrictions, and they do not ask for any IDs of any sort.

  • How can i check if a website accepts Neosurf?

    According to Neosurf official estimates, over 20,000 websites across the globe accept Neosurf at the moment. This number is rising with each passing day. Sites that accept the voucher will have the pink logo of Neosurf clearly shown on the payment page.

  • Can I use Neosurf in Australian online casinos?

    Yes, and it is totally easy. Neosurf is one of the most popular payment options available at AU online casinos. It provides total privacy and quick transactions.

  • Can I buy Neosurf vouchers online?

    Yes, certain websites like Dundle sell Neosurf voucher codes online. Other than that, if you register at My Neosurf and create an account, you can recharge your Neosurf balance online using cards or net banking.

    Unlike Australia, many other nations do not have Neosurf retail stores offline. In some of these countries, Neosurf offers them online through Neosurf Authorized Resellers (NAR). You can find the full list here.

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