As of 2019, Paypal is NOT generally available as a payment option at most popular AU online casinos. For Australians looking for a quick and convenient online payments solution, we recommend Bitcoin or Neosurf for anonymous deposits
  1. What is Paypal?
  2. AU Online Casinos that Accept Paypal Payments
  3. Using Paypal to Deposit in AU Online Casino Accounts
  4. How to Withdraw Funds Using Paypal
  5. Other Australia Alternatives to Paypal for AU Casinos
  6. Paypal FAQ


With nearly 300 million users across the globe in 2019, Paypal is one of the biggest names in online payments and money transfers.  Its e-wallet and payments services are available in 202 countries around the world, including Australia.

While it is a popular choice among online merchants and shoppers, Paypal’s popularity is rather limited when it comes to online casinos. They only allow use of Paypal services at casinos that have full legal permission to offer services in a country.

Since Australia does not allow online casino gambling, most AU facing casinos cannot accept Paypal payments.

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What is Paypal?

Paypal is an American company that offers online payments systems across the world. You can use Paypal to send money quickly using a computer or mobile device with an internet connection. It mainly acts as an alternative to paper currency, cheques, and money orders.

It is a digital wallet that you can use to make online purchases at hundreds of thousands of websites and online marketplaces. It can also be used to send money to others across the world. If you are in Australia, you can send, receive, and hold money in your Paypal account using AUD.

According to their Australia portal, the company has been active in Australia for almost 15 years now, having opened its offices in 2005. They currently have almost 7 million active user accounts in the country.

AU Online Casinos that Accept Paypal Payments

As of 2019, online casinos are not permitted to serve Australians  as per Federal law. Due to this reason, you will not find Paypal as an available option at any AU casino currently.

This does not mean that Paypal is totally against online gambling. They accept casinos and sportsbooks if local laws permit such businesses.

Paypal does support sports betting portals  in Australia. Several top Australian online bookies like Bet365, Ladbrokes, Betstar, and Betfair accept deposits through Paypal.

Using Paypal to Deposit in AU Online Casino Accounts

Paypal does not allow AU online casinos to create merchant accounts and use Paypal to receive money from Australian players.

Though you cannot use Paypal directly at an online AU casino, you may be able to use your Paypal account indirectly.  Neosurf is a very popular payment option that can be used at most AU casinos for deposits.

This is a prepaid voucher that you can buy offline at stores like Woolworths all over Australia. When buying offline, you can use cash. But if you want to buy Neosurf online, you can use Paypal to make this purchase.

Follow these simple steps to buy Neosurf online using Paypal:

  • Visit sites like, which sell Neosurf vouchers online
  • Check their available payment options for the “P” logo of Paypal. (It is available at Dundle)
  • Choose your Neosurf card value, options range from $5 to $150 or more.
  • Click on the “order” button and use your Paypal email ID and password to make the payment.
  • Receive the Neosurf voucher in your email address you provide.
  • Use the 10-digit PIN code on the voucher at your favourite AU online casino deposit page!

How to Withdraw Funds Using Paypal

Since Paypal does not allow AU online casinos to use their services for payments, there is no way to withdraw your casino funds using Paypal.

Other Australia Alternatives to Paypal for AU Casinos

Don’t feel disheartened about Paypal blocking AU online casinos as there are many other reliable payment options in Australia. The traditional credit card brands like VISA and MasterCard are accepted at most AU online casinos.

Another very popular option for AU casino deposits is Bitcoin. Unfortunately, you cannot buy Bitcoin directly using Paypal. It is much simpler to visit a popular Bitcoin exchange and add cryptos to your bitcoin wallet using a credit card or bank account.

Aside from bitcoin, you have several other options from the world of Cryptocurrencies. These include popular “alt-coins” (alternatives to Bitcoin) like Lite-coin, Doge-coin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Tether. Their availability at casinos may vary, but chances are high that you will find at least one or two of these.

POLi is a unique payment service available only to Australia and New Zealand residents. It requires an account at select banks. Some AU Online casinos accept POLi as a valid payment option for deposits. If all else fails, you can always rely on bank transfers to credit your casino account in Australia.

Paypal FAQ

  • Are there any fees associated with Paypal?

    Paypal does not charge individuals who use it to make online purchases, payments and deposits. Fees are only applicable to those who sell products/services and receive a payment in exchange through Paypal. If you use it to deposit funds at online casinos or bookies, it will not charge any fees, period.

  • How can I find the balance of my Paypal account?

    Paypal keeps a ton of useful information available for you in the account. Simply login and you can see the available balance. The account also shows you other details about your spending habits.

  • Can I cancel or reverse a Paypal transaction?

    Yes, Paypal is extra vigilant about merchants and sellers who cheat their customers. In many instances, the company does not release payments instantly to sellers. The cash is held by Paypal for up to 21 days. if the customer has any complaints against the seller, the money is refunded.

    You can easily make refund requests with Paypal after you make a payment, if the status of the transaction is “pending”, or “unclaimed.” If it has been labeled “completed,” you can no longer cancel through Paypal.

    You will have to contact the merchant or seller directly. If they refuse, you can approach Paypal Resolution Centre. This can be useful in instances where you feel you have been cheated or wrongfully penalized by the seller.

  • Who can open a Paypal account in Australia?

    Anybody with a valid credit card/debit card can open a Paypal account in Australia. If you want cash withdrawal feature, you will also need a proper bank account. Paypal has strict anti-money laundering policies, and does not allow people without IDs and bank accounts to open Paypal services.

  • How can i check if a website accepts Paypal?

    Paypal is accepted by hundreds of thousands of online platforms and sites across the world. The easiest way to check if a site accepts Paypal is to take a look at their payment options. If Paypal is accepted, you will always see the official logo of the brand prominently displayed on the site.

  • Can I use Paypal in Australian online casinos?

    Not directly. Paypal is not available at AU online casinos. You can buy Neosurf vouchers using your Paypal account online at Dundle. This way, you can use your Paypal account indirectly to deposit funds in AU online casinos.

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