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As of 2019, Skrill is NOT generally available as a payment option at most popular AU online casinos. For Australians looking for a quick and convenient online payments solution, we recommend Bitcoin or Neosurf for anonymous deposits
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The e-wallets are becoming more popular with the users every day. People realize how convenient these are and appreciate the high level of safety and comfort they give. Moneybookers (Skrill) for instance did not deserve world popularity for nothing. The secure transactions, safety of personal financial information and surprisingly small fees did the trick. Nowadays a lot of Australian online casinos offer this payment system as one of methods of depositing and withdrawing the money.

Online Casinos with Skrill after 2017 Gambling Restrictions in Australia

In 2017, the Australian government imposed strict new rules on online gambling. These rules affected both casino operators as well as the big payment services working in the online gambling industry in Australia.

AU$ 250
100% match bonus, wager: 35
AU$ 2000
200% match bonus, wager: 50
AU$ 2000
200% match bonus, wager: 30
AU$ 1,000
300% match bonus, wager: 30
AU$ 200
100% match bonus, wager: 50
AU$ 1350
200% match bonus, wager: 30
AU$ 100
100% match bonus, wager: 30
AU$ 2000
200% match bonus, wager: 35


Many major casino operators were forced to leave the Australian market altogether. Among payment services, the biggest impact was in the decision made by the Paysafe Group to exit the Australian market. They owned three different brands – Paysafecard, Neteller, and Skrill.

As a result, Australian casinos that accept Skrill no longer exist in 2019. AU only casinos do not have this as a payment option at all. Casino payment Skrill is still available for EU players, so global online casinos may offer it as an option. But if you register as an AU player, Skrill casino deposit will not be available to you.

Skrill online gambling has become impossible if you are in Australia. Casino payment Skrill is not available either for deposits or withdrawals anywhere. Skrill casino offers, which were extremely attractive, are also gone. This is a sad development indeed.

But not all of the Skrill casinos for Australian players will be the best choice. We recommend signing up only with the casino sites that will have the features like:

  • Absolute safety and security of financial transactions.
  • The transactions have to be instant to allow you start playing within minutes.
  • Numerous yet possibly large bonuses.

Skrill Alternatives for Australian Players in 2019

To be honest, your payment choices have shrunk drastically in the Australian casino market as of 2019 due to strict government policies. There are very few direct alternatives to Skrill casino Australia. Credit cards and bank transfer work, but are much slower and offer no privacy.

Skrill came with several advantages. The best part was that it created a barrier between your bank account/credit card and the casino. This allowed you to enjoy in privacy, without worrying about gambling expenses showing up on your bills/bank statements.

So any viable payment alternative to Skrill will have to offer excellent privacy. This automatically rules out credit cards. In the realm of deposits, there are a couple of nice options available at the moment in Australia. One is the prepaid card called Neosurf. The other is Bitcoin. Both offer excellent privacy for your bank details.

But Neosurf does not support withdrawals as it is a temporary voucher that you use once and then throw away. This leaves bitcoin as the only viable alternative to Skrill if you are an Australian online casino player.

Thankfully, bitcoin casino Skrill alternatives are plentiful in the Australian market at the moment. Operators have realized the difficulties faced by Australian customers when it comes to payments in the absence of Skrill casinos Australia. Bitcoin is being offered by most operators currently active in Australia.

Given its bulletproof security, blazing-fast transactions, zero fees, and total anonymity, Bitcoin is not just an alternative to Skrill – it is the best payment option available in Australia for casinos in 2019.

How to Convert Skrill to Bitcoin for Casino Deposits Australia

Though Skrill is no longer available for casino payments, you can still use it for a wide range of online transactions. If you already have a Skrill wallet with funds, you can continue using it online. But getting those funds to an online casino Australia may be tricky.

But fear not, there is an easy solution. You just need to convert Skrill to bitcoins! Since cryptocurrency is accepted at most Australian online casinos, your cash just became useful. Here are the main steps involved in converting Skrill balance to Bitcoin:


How to Convert Skrill to Bitcoin

  1. Skrill account

    Of course, to do this you need a Skrill e-wallet with some funds available in it!

  2. Bitcoin wallet

    You also need a bitcoin wallet to store the bitcoins you purchase using Skrill. Read our guide to learn all about bitcoins and casinos.

  3. Coinbase

    Once you have these two accounts ready, head to a popular bitcoin exchange Australia, like Coinbase.

  4. Create

    Some exchanges require you to create a basic account to buy bitcoin. In others, you have to just provide your bitcoin wallet details.

  5. Buy page

    In the Buy page, select the number of coins you wish to buy (based on your funds and Bitcoin value that day).

  6. Select Skrill

    Select Skrill as your payment option.

  7. Finalize

    Finalize your order and confirm it using the Skrill account ID and password.

  8. Get BTC

    The bitcoins will be added to the wallet you specified in a few seconds.

  9. Deposit to casino

    You can now use these bitcoins at your favourite Bitcoin casino Australia!


  • Is Skrill available for Australia casino players?

    No, Skrill is no longer available as a payment option for Australian casino players. The parent company of Skrill decided to leave the Australian market due to new regulations.

  • Why is Skrill still shown as available at many AUS casinos?

    Skrill is still available as a payment option for players in the European Union/UK. If your casino serves these markets, Skrill will be available to registered players from those regions only.

  • Will I be able to use Skrill in AUS casinos in future?

    This is impossible to predict with any certainty at the moment. The Australian government would have to radically change the online casino rules for that to happen, which looks unlikely in the near future.

  • How can I use my existing Skrill balance at Australian casino in 2019?

    You will have to convert that balance to a payment method which is accepted at online casinos Australia. Options include credit cards, Neosurf, Bitcoin. Deposit Skrill funds into your bank account, or buy Neosurf/Bitcoins to use your money at online casinos.

  • Are there fees involved in buying Bitcoin with Skrill?

    Yes, exchanges will charge a fee for converting Skrill balance to Bitcoin. The fee will vary depending on the exchange you use.

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