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Many people all around the world associate the very notion of a credit card with the name Visa. There is the reliability, safety and convenience standing behind this brand. And in the modern world using Visa is a perfect way to provide online payments and other financial transactions, like making a deposit to an online casino.

Top rated online casinos that accept Visa

AU$ 250
100% match bonus, wager: 35
AU$ 2000
200% match bonus, wager: 50
AU$ 2000
200% match bonus, wager: 30
AU$ 1,000
300% match bonus, wager: 30
AU$ 200
100% match bonus, wager: 50
AU$ 1350
200% match bonus, wager: 30
AU$ 100
100% match bonus, wager: 30
AU$ 2000
200% match bonus, wager: 35

The Australian players who have Visa card can avail from dozens of great online casinos. But the question is – are they all equally reliable and good for the Aussies? In fact they are not. This is what we have learned after testing numerous casinos online. But the good thing is that we have pointed out several best ones that will surely offer:

  • Secure and simple transactions.
  • Extremely short depositing procedure.
  • The option to use a prepaid card so that the online casino spending of a player could be limited by himself.

How to Make Deposit Using VISA in Casino – Step by Step Guide

Since VISA cards are used by millions of players across the world, all online casinos offer it is a payment solution for deposits. And the great thing here is that VISA deposits are the opposite of complicated – anyone can do them with ease! Just follow these simple steps:


How to Make Deposit Using VISA in Casino

  1. Log in

    As usual, you start with a registered casino account - if you don’t have one, create it and log in. If you need casino recommendations, we have the best VISA casinos right here!

  2. Bonus

    If you like freebies, don’t forget to check the casino bonus section before making a deposit - you might get hundreds of dollars as free betting money!

  3. Banking

    Head to the Banking/Cashier section - all casino websites have them, albeit in different names at times

  4. Deposits

    Next up, look for the “Deposits” option - click on the link or tab to continue

  5. Select

    In this window, you will find various payment methods - pick Credit Cards from the list

  6. Enter

    At some websites, you can select VISA as an option, at others they auto-detect when you enter the card details

  7. How much

    Choose how much cash you want to deposit, based on casino banking and bonus terms. Enter that figure in the box provided

  8. Card details

    Finally, enter your card details, which usually include the following:

    • Your VISA card number
    • Expiry date
    • Your name as on the card
    • The CVV or CVC number as mentioned on the back of the card

  9. Verification

    Make sure that your card details match other personal details such as your address since these will come up during the casino verification process later on

  10. Complete

    Finally, once all the information has been entered, you can double-check for accuracy and complete the transaction by pressing the appropriate button at the bottom of the screen

  11. Get money

    VISA casino deposits are instant and your money will get deposited in a matter of seconds or a few minutes at most

  12. Start play

    You are now free to start playing your favourite games! Enjoy amazing wins!

Prepaid VISA Card Online Casino

The vast majority of VISA cards issued and used at online casinos are credit cards. But VISA also offers other highly flexible card options. VISA Prepaid cards are a prime example – available in different configurations, they allow you to be more flexible when it comes to online payments and offline spending.

Many online casinos have no trouble in accepting these VISA prepaid cards since they already accept other VISA debit and credit cards. The method of using prepaid cards for online casino deposits is almost identical to using a credit or debit card.

Prepaid VISA cards are great options for folks who do not have a credit card or can’t pass a credit check. You have more control over your spending as well since it uses your own cash and not credit provided by the card company. Also, such cards often give rewards when you spend more with them.

VISA Gift Cards in Casino

These are special cards that you can use just like a credit card or debit card for online payments, including at several casinos. But unlike credit cards, gift cards often have limited use, based on the amount of prepaid cash loaded into them.

With certain VISA gift cards, you have the option to reload them when the balance reaches zero. With others, you basically throw away the card and get a new one. These days we even have the option of buying virtual gift cards.

Since these cards carry security features similar to those offered on VISA credit cards, they are very safe to use. And many online casinos do welcome players to use gift cards if they are from reputed brands like VISA.

Online casinos and Visa card

The truth is that online casino Visa card transactions are as easy as can be. One can simply enter his card details and then proceed with the transfer by just one click. And a prepaid Visa card will help the gamblers who would like to limit their spending when playing in an Australia online casino.

Of course the players who provide a casino with their credit card information need to be positive that this sensitive data is safely preserved. So the connection must be 100% secure. So when one is playing in an Australian internet cafe he should double-check there is the secure connection and only input the data after that.

The safety is very important. But so is the gaming experience one gets when playing in an Australian Visa online casino. The choice of games, their quality, software used, bonuses offered and customer support available are all a ‘must’ of the best online casinos. This is why we have paid the closest attention to these parameters when making the list of the Australian casinos online that we would recommend to our readers.

The best Visa card online casinos

We needed to be rally careful when picking up the best so there could be no mistakes. When choosing the casinos for our list we have first of all checked how large the amount of the welcome bonus they offer is. It is a very important factor indeed, since a large welcome bonus will give a player some boost when he just starts playing.

The wide choice of games is another important thing. Each player has his own favorites and these games must be in the best Australian Visa casino online. Also, the wide choice will guarantee that there is always something new to try out. The online casinos we have chosen for you will meet these criteria for sure.

It is utterly important what software provider is the power behind the casino. The online casinos for Australians we have picked will have software from reliable providers only. The graphics of the games is excellent and the sound effects are lifelike indeed. All this put together will mean that the Australian players who join one of these casinos will have great gaming experience and spend some time with the real pleasure.

In case a player has any issues when gambling in an online casino he will want to contact the customer support. That is why we excluded the Australian casinos that do not have effective 24/7 support available.

So now that you know all the main facts on the Australian Visa online casinos you should be ready to join the one you choose. And we are positive you are about to have dome really good time and wish you to win the life changing jackpot!

VISA Online Casino FAQ

  • Is VISA credit cards safe to use at online casinos?

    Yes, VISA is a global leader in credit card technology. They have the best security features on all their credit and debit cards. These cards can be safely used for all sorts of online transactions, including online casinos. Just make sure that you are dealing with a trustworthy casino - check our list for more info.

  • Can I receive casino withdrawals on my VISA card?

    Yes, in fact, you are at an advantage if you have a VISA card instead of Mastercard when it comes to online casino withdrawals. While most casinos support VISA withdrawals, many do not allow you to withdraw funds to a Mastercard.

  • Do I have to pay extra fees or charges when depositing with VISA at online casinos?

    Usually, online casino deposits are 100% free and this is true in the case of VISA deposits as well. The casinos do not charge for withdrawals either, as long as you follow their minimum and maximum limits. You will, of course, have to pay the relevant charges to the card company, along with any interest on your spending.

  • What are some disadvantages of VISA casino payments?

    While there are many advantages to VISA cards, they are not without some flaws. Privacy is a major concern if you don’t want others to find out about your online casino spending. With credit cards, the billing info will mention casino names. Slow withdrawals are another major concern with VISA cards - your money will take anywhere from 3-5 days to reach your bank account, compared to several hours for e-wallets and bitcoin.

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