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Bank Wire Overview

Wire transfer is the oldest and most trusted method to move money from one place to another. The technique first arose in 1872 after the invention of the modern telegraph system. Western Union were the pioneers in this field.

As of 2019, wire transfer has become faster, more secure, and easy to use, thanks to digital technologies and the internet. The latter has also given rise to many new forms of electronic payments, like e-wallets, prepaid cards, and cryptocurrencies.

But most people still depend on wire transfers, despite its higher fees, due to the trust factor. In wire transfers, everything is handled by the bank in which the user has an account. And most folks have a high level of trust in their banks.

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It is not easy to rob a bank. The same way, it is not easy to intercept wire transfers. They are incredibly secure and use the best online safety technologies currently in the market. But due to the myriad security protocols in place, these transfers are not the fastest option around, especially for withdrawals.

Also, in the case of online casinos, privacy can be a huge factor. Your bank accounts can be scrutinized by various authorities and credit agencies, and even family members.

If you want to keep your online casino habits private, bank transfers are not recommended.

And this is one of the chief reasons why wire transfers are losing ground to modern methods like e-wallets and bitcoins, especially for players who use small amounts of cash. But if you are a high roller, wire transfer is the best option around.

Best Casinos That Accept Bank Wire Transfers

With the exception of hardcore crypto-casinos, virtually all other AU online casinos accept wire transfer for payments. But not all of them offer both deposits and withdrawals through this method.  You will have to check the payments section of each casino to figure out if they support wire transfer deposits in particular.

Casinos do not like payment options that do not support instant transfers, and bank wire has this flaw.  But the majority of them do offer this as a withdrawal method. Those that don’t usually have an alternative in the form of checks which are mailed to your address.

With that in mind, these are some of the most popular online casinos for Australians that support wire transfer for payments (either deposits or withdrawals) – Uptown Pokies, AllSpins Win, Roo Casino, Pokie Pop!, FairGo, and Joka Room.

Using Bank Wire in Australia

One thing is mandatory if you want to use bank wire for AU online casinos in Australia – an account at an established bank like Westpac, Commonwealth, ANZ, or NAB. These four major banks are your best bet as they offer excellent online transfer features and have a presence across Australia.

You can also pick from some of the smaller and regional banks like Bendigo, ING, Heritage, Suncorp, and Bank of Melbourne. They all support wire transfer through the internet. Banks that don’t have this feature will be a nuisance as you will have to personally go to the bank to initiate transfers to a casino account.

One thing is certain – you cannot make anonymous deposits if you use bank wire transfer. You will need a fully functional bank account complete with all the KYC formalities. After opening the account, you may also need to activate internet banking features by contacting the bank customer care.

You will be asked to create a secure username and strong password for your internet banking account. Every time you make an online deposit or payment using wire transfer, you will need to provide this login information to allow the transaction.

How to Deposit Using Bank Wire

  1. Depositing at an AU online casino using wire transfer is easy as pie if you already have a working casino account and an AU bank account. Simply head to the banking/payments/cashier section of the casino and opt for the Deposit option.
  2. Here you can select wire transfer as your preferred deposit option. You will have to then select your AU bank from the list of available banks. In the next step, you will be taken to your bank’s secure login page for internet banking.
  3. Feed your username and secure password and authorize the transaction. Many AU banks use two-factor authentication and mobile OTP for extra security. You will probably have to enter a code sent to your email/mobile number to finish the transaction.
  4. At some casinos, they do not have this feature built into the website. In these sites, you will have to contact the customer care to get their bank account details like account number, SWIFT code etc. You will then have to log into your bank’s online account and initiate a deposit using the casino account details.
  5. If you don’t have online banking, you can call your local bank branch or visit it in person to request a funds transfer. Using the online method is undeniably faster, easier and more convenient.

How to Withdraw Using Bank Wire

Usually, wire transfer is offered as a withdrawal option at most banks aimed at the Australian market. Head to the cashier section of the website whenever you need to make a withdrawal request. The process is largely identical to depositing at the casino.

You will be asked to select your preferred withdrawal option. In most AU casinos, the deposit method you used will be the default withdrawal option as well. So if you deposited using wire transfer, they will automatically offer that for withdrawals on that casino account.

Specify the amount you need to withdraw and post the request to the casino. If you have not completed your KYC verification, they will ask you to send the copies of relevant IDs and documents.

Bank Wire Costs and Timing

There is no doubt that bank wire is among the more expensive online payment options available for casino gaming. Most banks will levy charges for transactions, often from the sender as well as the receiver. And when the transfer involves multiple banks, ie, your bank and the bank used by the casino, then the costs will increase.

AU Online casinos don’t charge you when you make a deposit through wire transfer or any other method for that matter. That is just the norm, and exceptions might be there. But they do charge you a minor fee for withdrawals through wire transfer. This is because banks usually charge the sender for wire transfers – the casino is just transferring those costs to you.

Timing is always the Achilles Heel of bank wire transfer as a casino payment option. It can take anywhere from 3-5 days for a wire transfer to get deposited in the target account. In these days of instant deposits and withdrawals, this is a huge disadvantage it must be said.

Bank Wire FAQ

  • Can Australians use Bank Wire at online casinos?

    Yes, bank wire transfer is a valid option for AU casino players. But the availability of this option for both deposits and withdrawals will depend on the individual casino.

  • Why should I prefer bank wire for online casinos?

    Most folks usually have at least one or two bank accounts. With other payment methods like e-wallets, you have to go through the hassle of creating new accounts with KYC etc. Bank wire transfer is an option you already have, from the get-go. It is also one of the most reliable and secure payment methods out there.

  • Are there any transaction limits when using bank wire at online casinos?

    There are minimum limits for both deposits and withdrawals. For deposits, you can expect minimum limits of $10 or $20. Maximum limits can vary, with some casinos not having any limit whatsoever for KYC compliant players. Check with the casino for details. At the bank side, the limits are based on your account balance and user preferences.

  • Can I use wire transfer for mobile casinos?

    Yes, mobile internet banking is a very popular service offered by most AU banks. Casinos also have mobile versions that run identically to the PC format. If the casino allows you to deposit and withdraw through wire transfer on PCs, you can expect the same feature on mobile as well.

  • Does bank wire transfer cost any fees?

    Yes, banks do charge for every wire transfer you make from your account. The fees will be mentioned clearly to you before the transfer is initiated. Casinos don’t usually charge for deposits, but they will levy some fees for withdrawals under normal circumstances.

  • Is bank wire transfer anonymous?

    No, if you want anonymous casino transactions, never go through bank wire transfer. You should opt for alternate methods like bitcoin or prepaid cards (Neosurf).

  • Can I cancel a bank wire transfer after making the request?

    No, once you initiate a wire transfer, it is not possible to reverse it. The only option if you want your deposit back is to contact the casino support.

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