The beginners tips

The first real online casino appeared back in 1990th and it would be fair to say that no one could foresee the progress the new industry would make in the next twenty years. The first online games were simple copies of land based titles with pure graphics and sound effects. But they were using the random number based software to ensure the outcome of game rounds would be fare and the gamblers came to trusting online casinos in time. So their popularity kept rising to become a major force the online gambling market is today. Not even the US law against online casinos made to protect Las Vegas from the competition had impressive impact on the industry. And in such countries as Australia where online gambling is fully legal the players can and do enjoy their favorite games any time of day and night they choose to without even leaving the house. All it takes to play in online casino now is to have a laptop or a mobile device and connection to the internet. So let’s take a closer look on how the online gambling works.

How to start playing online

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To start playing in online casinos you would need to download the casino software or just play the instant version of the games. Most trusted and respected casinos online will prefer you to download their software to the device and the main reason to do it is the mere fact the games will be of considerably better quality than in instant play. The casinos will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to proceed with downloading and installation process, so there will be no issues there.

Once the casino software is installed to your device you can and should register an account. Be careful to use your real data when creating an account, because a casino will ask you to verify your identity when you decide to withdraw the winnings and you may have issues if you stated incorrect info before. When the registration process is almost over the casino will send you a password to the email you stated and tell you how to login for the first time.
To finish the registration you will need to login to your new casino account. Surely you will be excited to do so, because nowadays it is a good tradition of the best Australian casinos to provide all new players with different bonuses. The login is managed via the special casino icon you will find on the screen of your device after the software set up.

Play at licensed and trusted online casinos

The casinos choice is very wide and finding the perfect one just for you will be rather easy. Especially knowing that you have such places as our site to help you on your way. But you should be careful not to choose a casino that will prove to be a joke and will just steal your money instead of giving you the winnings fairly. And the first thing to prevent this from happening is to register only at the casinos that have licenses and have earned the full trust of other players before you.


The good thing about the licensing authorities is that they are mostly constituted by national governments and have the resources to investigate the casino operators through and through. As well as to react to any sort of violation right away banning the unfair sites or making them to change their behavior. The regulators check the financial standing of casinos, reputation of the operator, the quality of the software used and the management controls. Some global licensors are located in Malta, Antigua, Gibraltar, Curacao and Kahawake, but there are more of course. The countries like Italy, the United Kingdom and Spain have the national regulators and they do not allow any outers. So if you see the logo of any of these regulators on the casino site you can join it with no worries on the gambling fairness.

Download casinos and No Download casinos

When joining an online casino you will normally have a choice whether you want to download the casino software or you prefer to play instant versions of the games. And although playing flash games may seem more convenient than running through the download process there are many reasons to install the casino software right away. To start with, the process of downloading the software and its installation is easy to follow and does not need you to have any special skills. Plus, should any issues appear you can always contact the casino’s support and they will help you out.
The Download versions of the best casinos Australia always have more titles than the No Download ones. It is so, because the casinos were downloadable only for years and the Flash versions started appearing just recently. The fact is also that the quality of games is noticeably better when you play them on your device rather than directly online. The graphics is better as well as the sounds and you will avoid the internet speed connection issue no matter what. But the bad thing is that Download casinos will work correctly on the Windows software only, while Linux and Mac OS will not support them. And also you will need to reserve some space on your hard drive.