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Australia is a vibrant country, filled lovely beaches, majestic vistas, enchanting wildlife, and numerous avenues for adventure and thrills across the vast Outback. Famous for its deadly creatures and a harsh landscape, Australia has developed a unique reputation as the best place for adventure if you are a traveler.

But it is not just Outback adventures that await you when you visit modern-day Australia. The folks here are so used to taking risks and gambling is like the national pastime! Unlike many other major tourist destinations in the world, Australia is a very gambling-friendly nation.

Opulent and modern casinos can be in all major cities and metros on the Australian coast. With a fully legalized and regulated gambling industry, Australian casinos are among the best and safest options for punters.

The best online casinos for Aussies

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Land-based casinos in Australia

History of gambling in Australia began centuries ago, with the arrival of the first European settlers. But modern casino gaming arose much later in the 20th century, roughly four decades ago in the 1960s and 70s to be precise. The first legal casino was opened in Tasmania in 1973.

Since then, land-based casinos have a been a prominent part of the Australian entertainment and nightlife landscape. And even more amazing is their enduring allure and popularity, both among locals and visitors alike.

Casinos are especially popular among tourists, given their scarcity or total absence in many countries around the world.

But the Australian land casino experience cannot be compared to other famous casino destinations like Vegas or Macau.

In those places, entire cities have evolved into big casino hubs. In contrast, casino gambling in Australia is more dispersed, spread across the vast territories of this island-continent. As of 2019, there are at least 20 different land-based casinos in Australia, located at major cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide.

These casinos can be found in all 8 provinces of the country. Let’s take a quick look at some of the most popular Australian land casinos right now:

Adelaide Casino

If you happen to pass through the city of Adelaide in South Australia, this casino is a must-visit destination. Owned by the SkyCity Entertainment Group, this is a historic landmark in the city of Adelaide.

Housed in a heritage building that was the old Adelaide railway station, the casino hosts nearly 1000 gaming machines (pokies/slots) and close to 100 tables for cards and roulette. It is one of the oldest casinos in Australia, having opened its doors in 1985.

But that does not mean that Adelaide Casino is an ancient relic. The casino has undergone renovations and expansions on a regular basis, with the latest one being started in 2018. Its SKY-room, with magnificent hand-crafted glass light pendants on the ceiling, is very famous.

With at least five different restaurants, cafes, and bars serving world-class cuisine, Adelaide Casino caters to all your senses. The casino is known for upgrading its pokie machines on a regular basis. If you want to play the latest games, this casino is an excellent choice!

Crown Perth

A huge resort+casino along the lines of what you would find in Las Vegas, Crown Perth is one of the biggest land casinos in Australia. Like Adelaide Casino, it too began its life in 1985, well over three decades ago.

The casino can be found in the province of Western Australia, in the inner suburbs of Perth to be precise. Crown Perth is located on a scenic area close to the Swan River. Its massive complex includes a casino, convention, centre, ballrooms, 30+ restaurants and bars, and three huge hotels.

With over 2500 gaming machines, Crown Perth is a haven for pokies enthusiasts. The number of gaming tables is also very high, with around 300 available. The casino even has separate private rooms for special poker and baccarat games.

The hotels have a combined capacity of over 1200 beds, including ultra-luxury suites. With countless entertainment options right within the complex, Crown Perth is a great place to stay when visiting Perth even if you are not a major casino fan.

Mindil Beach Casino (formerly Sky City Darwin)

Before the recent rebranding, this casino+resort in the city of Darwin was famous as the Sky City Darwin Casino and resort. It is the only major casino in this area of the Northern Territory in Australia.

Over its thirty-five year existence, the casino has been known under several different names, like MGM Grand Darwin, Diamond Beach Hotel Casino, and Don Casino. The current name – Mindil Beach Casino (given in 2019) – is a return to its old name from the 1980s.

As its name suggests, this idyllic casino and resort are located just a couple of minutes walk away from the famous Mindil beach. With around 700 gaming machines and 30 tables, this is a mid-sized casino to be precise.

The five-star resort is the only one of its kind in Darwin and has 150 luxury rooms, a spa, and other VIP amenities. Dining options are also varied, with at least 5 restaurants and 5 bars available in the resort area.

Pokies machines are open 24×7, while table games run until 4 AM. But the pull with this casino is not just about games. Given its proximity to the Darwin Waterfront and marina, there are plenty of things to do besides pokies and card games.

Casino Canberra

If you are looking for a spot of blackjack or poker in the Australian capital, Casino Canberra is the place you need to visit. Launched in 1994, it was the first gambling establishment of its kind in the Australian Capital Territory.

That is not the only unique thing about Canberra Casino. Among its peers in Australia, this is the only casino establishment not allowed to have any gaming machines or pokies. This was done to protect the interests of other clubs in Canberra that have gaming machines.

But there are plans to add at least 200 of these machines as part of a 2016 deal with the Canberra government. In the meantime, you can enjoy the 40+ gaming tables and the Lotus Room poker venue at Casino Canberra.

Thanks to its central location in the Australian capital, restaurants, clubs, and hotels are just a stone’s throw away. This elegant casino is well worth a visit if you feel like playing a hand of blackjack or poker in Canberra!

Crown Sydney

The Crown Sydney is a casino you might want to pay a visit sometime in 2021, as it is still under construction! The casino, once completed, will be the second big gambling destination in Sydney, after The Star Sydney.

Crown Sydney is a unique project because it plans to cater exclusively to VIP players. There will be bet limits and other restrictions to maintain that exclusivity here. At 890 ft one fully constructed, it will also become a major architectural landmark in Sydney.

The six-star luxury casino and resort will be spread across a mind-blowing 75 storeys of real estate in the tallest building in Sydney. Currently being built at a cost of $2 billion, this marvel is will be the “crown” of the Barangaroo suburb in the Central District of Sydney.

It is expected that high-limit tables and exclusive game rooms will form the main attraction of the casino here. You can expect the number of tables to be close to the 500 mark, if not more. Other attractions will include gourmet dining options, exclusive events, and much more.

Other Notable Australian Land based casinos:

  • Country Club Tasmania
  • Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex
  • Jupiters Hotel and Casino
  • Lasseters Hotel Casino
  • The Star Sydney Casino
  • Treasury Casino
  • Wrest Point Hotel Casino

As you see the best Australian land casinos have their unique flair and have so much to offer. There is something here for just about every type of casino goers. The Aussies are truly lucky to have such great places to visit.

Play your favorite games online

But things are not perfect in this life, and they probably never will be. What do you do if your nearest Australian land casino is hundreds or thousands of miles away? Taking a few days off work and family to play your favorite pokies would be nice, but not always practical or possible.

Even if you have the means to do it, there is all the hustle and bustle that you need to suffer – after all, Australian casinos are popular destinations that attract thousands of tourists each day. What if you want to avoid all that and just play in peace and quiet?

Well, another great thing about living in Australia is that land-based casinos are not your only option in gambling. In this great country, you can enjoy the advantages of online gambling legally and with no risk whatsoever.

Playing online has the potential to help you save tons of money on travel and flight tickets, hotel bills and more. Imagine using all that extra cash on your wagers instead! And the best best part is, you can get started with online casinos in a matter of minutes, from just about anywhere!

Here is a list of the best Australian online casinos to get you started with online wagering. See if you like any of the casinos on the list – just give it a try – many of these casinos offer free cash bonuses to new players! Have Fun and lots of Good Luck!

Land Casinos Australia FAQ

  • Are casinos legal in Australia?

    Yes, land-based casinos are fully legal and licensed across Australia, in all 8 states and territories. You can find at least one casino-resort in every province.

  • Who can play at an Australian land casino?

    As per Australian law, only individuals above the age of 18 are allowed entry to casino gambling areas. This is strictly enforced at all casinos, no exceptions.

  • Do we need to show ID at a Casino?

    Yes, visitors will have to provide proof of age to gain access to gambling services at all casinos. The management will accept documents like Passports, Australian driver’s license, or any government-issued ID card or proof of age card. Foreign visitors will need their passports.

  • Is there are dress code at Australian casinos?

    Most casinos do require a basic minimum standard of appearance from its patrons. Formal wear is not mandatory, only required in select sections like VIP areas for instance. In most areas, a smart casual look is acceptable. Although they are quite tolerant and relaxed about these things, casinos can and will deny entry to visitors who they deem to be unsuitably dressed (dirty clothes, offensive T-shirts, steel-cap boots, beach thongs and sandals etc).

  • What games are available at Australian land casinos?

    Most casinos offer gaming machines, or “pokies,” where you can play modern video slots. Some of the biggest casinos may have over 2000 of these machines. Other classic casino games like blackjack, baccarat, roulette are also quite common, available at dozens of game tables. Lastly, many casinos have separate rooms for poker games.

  • How to pay/deposit at land casinos in Australia?

    You can pay using a wide range of options, including cash, bank wire, credit cards, and debit cards at most casinos.

  • Do land casinos in Australia have bonuses and rewards?

    Yes, Australian casino resorts are no different from their Vegas counterparts when it comes to bonuses or “comps.” You can get tickets to great shows, discounts on hotel and meals, free drinks, and more at the bigger casino+resorts in Australia.

  • Are land casinos in Australia open 24x7?

    It depends on the individual casino and local state laws. But most casinos do offer gaming machines round the clock. The gaming tables may not be active during the day at some places.

  • Can I play online games at land-based casinos in Australia?

    No, as per law, Australian operators are forbidden from providing online casino game services. But you can safely play online at casino sites maintained by offshore operators. Check our table for more details.

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