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Mac users were isolated from online casinos for quite a long period of time since their devices could not support the casino software. But finally this injustice was fixed and now there are many places where Mac online casino players can enjoy their favorite games.

Online casinos for Apple Macbook / iMac
AU$ 250
100% match bonus, wager: 35
AU$ 2000
200% match bonus, wager: 50
AU$ 2000
200% match bonus, wager: 30
AU$ 1,000
300% match bonus, wager: 30
AU$ 200
100% match bonus, wager: 50
AU$ 1350
200% match bonus, wager: 30
AU$ 100
100% match bonus, wager: 30
AU$ 2000
200% match bonus, wager: 35

Mac OS friendly casinos online will offer a wide choice of games including countless online pokies, baccarat, roulette and so on. But of course not each Mac compatible online casino deserves to be called the best in Australia. That is why we have spent long hours testing numerous Mac compatible casino sites to find which ones follow these criteria:

  • They must have Flash versions of the most popular games for the players to play in a web browser right away.
  • There has to be impressing welcome bonus and other bonuses as well.
  • They must be secure, reliable and safe Australian Mac casinos.

All about Apple Mac OS Devices and Online Casinos

Apple did not become one of the biggest, most popular companies on the planet by fluke. They were always known for making excellent devices in terms of both style and performance. Though iPhones get all the attention these days, Apple still has an excellent catalogue aimed at computer users.

If you want an Apple alternative to Windows PCs/laptops, you have two options – Macbooks for portability, and iMacs for desktop use. All Apple computers use the same OS X software ecosystem developed by Apple. Many professionals and power users prefer OS X over Windows for work and entertainment.

But when it comes to playing casino games, Apple users have always been neglected. Due to the huge size of the PC market, online casinos were heavily focused on this segment. Besides, developing software for windows was a cakewalk compared to getting Apple’s approval for OS X software.

This has changed with the rise of HTML5 online casinos that work on all devices regardless of their operating system. With amazing retina displays and powerful software + hardware, these days you can get the best casino gaming experience on an Apple computer. Let’s see how the different Apple devices fare:

MacBook/Macbook Pro for Casino>

Online casinos are designed to run smoothly even on budget Android mobiles! So even an ordinary Macbook from six-seven years ago would have no problems running the latest casino pokies and card games. If you want maximum portability and convenience while playing casino games on a laptop, then Macbook Air is definitely the way to go.

MacBook Pro is more powerful, allowing you to get office tasks done as well. If you want a Macbook that you can work on and play pokies, a Pro variant is the ideal option. This choice has almost zero impact on online casino Mac performance – both will run casinos just fine.

iMac for Casino

If you want to play pokies on your bed/couch, while commuting, or long-distance trips, MacBooks are your option. But what if you want to play from your work-desk or office (if you have that liberty!)?

This is where Apple has released the iMac series of desktop computers. They can cost a fortune, but if you want the best performance and that amazing OS X user experience, you have no choice!

Since MacBooks and iMacs basically use the same operating system (OS X) and browser (Safari), there is not much difference when it comes to best online casino mac experience. Plus you get that sweet, sweet retina display to enjoy the HD graphics from modern video pokies and live games!

Hackintosh for Casino

Apple software is designed to run exclusively on hardware manufactured by the company. But people have hacked macOS for years, enabling it to run on regular PC hardware. These PCs are called “Hackintosh” PCs. Though they are in violation of Apple T&C, the company has not prosecuted anybody for doing this for personal use.

A Hackintosh PC should have no issues running free online casinos for mac since it uses the same Mac OS software. Besides, modern HTML5 casinos are designed to be platform-independent – as long as you have a working internet connection and a compatible modern browser, you are good to go!

macOS Catalina (10.15) and Online Casinos

Apple is known for making frequent updates to their operating systems. In 2016, the company went through a major rebranding, changing the name of their computer operating systems from OS X to macOS. Starting from version 10.12, the operating systems on MacBooks and iMacs are called macOS.

Until October 2019, macOS version was called Mojave (10.14). But now, a new version is available, called Catalina (10.15). It is a free update that works with most macOS devices from 2012 onwards. It comes with many advanced features for music, video streaming, productivity, and of course, the latest version of Safari.

Most online casinos recommend using the latest updated version of your macOS browser. So having Catalina installed should not affect your ability to play free online casino games mac.

Playing Online casino games in Apple Safari Browser

Download casinos do not work with Apple devices, period. So instant online casinos are your best bet if you are an iMac or MacBook user. To play your favourite casino games on macOS, you will need Safari, the default browser.

While there are several other options on the App Store, Safari is heads and shoulders above them all. If you want the best online casino game experience on mac, stick with Safari as your preferred browser.

Adobe Flash and Casino Gaming on Mac

Adobe Flash is a software package used to create video and multimedia content for webpages. Old online casino games were designed in Flash. But the software is outdated and has many dangerous security flaws.

Due to this reason, Flash is disabled by default on Safari since 2015. You can enable it if you want to run a specific Flash casino game. But the online casino industry has shifted to HTML5. All new games are designed in HTML5 and not Flash. So you do not really need Flash to play the best casino games mac.

Australian online casinos for Mac

When the Mac computers appeared back in 1984 they have instantly become quite a hit. And now after almost thirty years have passed they still hold the position of some of the most reliable and innovative devices. There are features that users of any other computers simply do not have. This must be taken into consideration when creating online casinos for Mac users.

The excellent news for the Mac online casino Australia players is that they can play casino games using their browsers as well since many casinos offer a Flash based version of their software. The good thing is also that it is possible to test the games prior to making real money deposit. It is so because as a rule a Mac online casino for Australian players will have a free play trial period.

A few words on the Mac online casinos in Australia

The amount of online casinos for Australian players is growing fast. And almost each Mac online casino Australia has to offer will have Macintosh compatible download versions of software. More importantly there appear the casinos online that put providing superb gaming experience to the users of Apple products as their priority.

This was rather predictable since Apple keeps releasing top selling devices and the users of their excellent products become more and more numerous. Any of the gadgets released by this company is powerful enough to support the best games online casinos have on offer. So the demand for Mac online casinos in Australia is only growing. And it is growing very fast.

The widest choice of Mac casinos online is certainly a good thing. There is only one drawback, but it is important too. The Australian players who want to find the best Mac OS friendly site may feel lost when they start choosing it. They will spend a lot of time checking and comparing, until after long hours they at last make a choice.

The good news is that all this time can be saved, since we have done the dirty work so that our readers could simply check the results and proceed to playing right away. We have paid the closest attention to how good the welcome bonuses at the casinos are and whether they have numerous deposit options. Of course the casinos we name the best will have the widest choice of games possible and the 24/7 customer support to help in case of any questions or issues. So why hesitate when you could simply pick the casino you like from our list and start playing now!

mac Online Casinos FAQ

  • Can I play online casino games on Macbooks/iMacs?

    Yes, virtually all the best online casinos support gaming on macOS devices in 2019. You just need a working internet connection to get started.

  • Is download casino available for mac?

    No, download software option at online casinos is only available for PCs. It is not a major issue as most online casinos have shifted to instant online play. You can connect your Macbook to a WiFi or 4G network and use browser to play casino games.

  • Are Mac online casinos different from regular casinos?

    No, these days casinos are designed to have the same user experience on different platforms like PC, macOS, iOS, and Android. It is the same online site running on different hardware and software combos. All the games you play on a Windows or Android device will be available on Mac as well.

  • Can I access a single casino account from Windows PC and mac?

    Yes, you can log into your casino account from any macOS or Windows PC. As long as you keep your login information private (do not save it on devices used by others) you should not have any issues.

  • Can I play games on older Macbooks/iMacs (pre-2015)?

    The latest OS update Catalina from Apple supports devices manufactured in 2012 and beyond. It is safe to say that you can run all modern online casinos on devices dating from that period. Older MacBooks should also work, but software support may be lacking.

  • Which is the best browser on macOS for casino gaming?

    There is only one answer to this - Safari. No other option comes even close. All the online casino operators recommend using Safari to play on macOS.

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