A gambler wins $1,2 million and then loses it overnight

Alex Norman
on Jun 17, 2015
in News

A former Chinise citizen won over a million dollars and then lost the money overnight.

Zou Bingsheng a former Chinese citizen who currently lives in the United States won $1,26 million lottery jackpot. He was very happy and he and his wife Liu Liqin posed for newspapers with the giant check in their hands. They were planning to spend the money on opening their own barber shop and a sushi bar but this was not destined to happen. Zou Bingsheng lost all the money and a great deal on top of it within just one evening! He is currently hiding from creditors who claim he owes them dozens of thousands of dollars.

The story so far

The lottery ticket worth just $25 can bring a fortune. The lottery winner and his wife had planned to use the money to open a barber shop and a sushi bar, but Zou lost all the money just over one night in a Connecticut casino. Moreover, he did not only spent all the lottery money, but also got into huge debts because of his gambling addiction. His wife Liu Liqin decided to divorce him in several months after the incident and Tzu has been hiding from creditors who in turn, began treating Liu as for his current location. It should also be noted that Tzu did not just set up his ex-wife but also their 4-year-old daughter.

Land casino factor

This story has caused a stir in the media where they spilled at Tzu a whole lot of unflattering comments. But the issue remains that such a thing would never happen at an online casino with bets limitations. When playing at casinos online gamblers who suspect that they have some sort of gambling addiction can set limitations on amounts of bets they make which cannot be overcome. Depending on the online banking solution there are certain amounts that can be deposited and withdrawn. So it happens that in modern world online gambling has become more responsible than any other type of gambling.