A million dollars slots machine jackpot won

Alex Norman
on Mar 1, 2016
in News

A man from Texas has won over a $1 million when playing slots in Delta Downs Racetrack Casino & Hotel (Louisiana, the United States).

Dustin B. claims to have wanted to go fishing on February 20th when his wife offered him to visit a casino together with her and her mother. He did not really want to go, but he went with them anyway only to change the future of himself and his family for good.

The last spin brought mr. Dustin the incredible jackpot of $1,086,953! When describing the event afterwards the man said: ‘When I saw the win amount, I just kept sitting and staring at the screen. There was some guy sitting next to me who looked at the slot machine and then back at me. He asked me if I knew that I had just won the jackpot. And then I found myself surrounded by Delta Downs personal who were congratulating me. It was all like a dream.’

After the incredible win Dustin said that he would not quit his job. He said he likes it. But of course his family will now always enjoy comfortable life. Delta Dawns’ vice president Steve Kippers congratulated the player on his great win. He wished Dustin all the luck in the future and said that he is very glad that it was at their casino that the jackpot was hit.

Although ever more player nowadays prefer online casinos to the land based ones, such wins show that it is too early to say that classic casinos are in the past.