A casino online was allowed to disregard the payout due to a slot machine bug

Alex Norman
on May 18, 2015
in News

Being 90 years old Mrs. Pauline M. still keeps playing at an online casino and now she is even suing it. An online slot had brought the lady a small win but right after that it showed a message on the screen telling that the jackpot was $42 million! Certainly the lady was beyond herself and quite forgot that the top jackpot of the slot she had been playing was limited to just $10,000 and had no additional bonuses attached.

What online casino says

The online casino that hosted the lucky player refused to pay out such a huge prize. In response to this missis Pauline M. decided to sue the casino. But the court came to the conclusion that the online casino did what was required when decided not to pay the $42 million because of a slot malfunctioning. “Online casino games are basically software just like any other. And of course errors happen and bugs occur” – commented the court’s decision a casino representative.

Why the error was possible

The top jackpot set in the online slot in question is limited to $10,000 and the experts confirmed that it was programmed to give out this very amount. So the casino rescued its case and kept its millions. It is worth mentioning that the online casino software provider that developed the slot had indeed warned that some issues might occur. They had made this warning several years ago saying, that in order to avoid possible errors the casino should limit bonus rounds. But this obviously was not done by casino online.