A woman has won the American casino huge jackpot $1.3 million

Alex Norman
on Sep 1, 2015
in News

One extremely lucky lady from Washington State celebrates her success after winning the huge jackpot on July 31 in a casino in Idaho.

After her winning of $ 1.3 million, the largest in the history of the Casino, its executive director Dave Mathieson said: “It’s hard to say who is happier about it – us or the jackpot winner. The win of this lady is our win too, at least that’s how we feel about it. ”

The winner of the jackpot has decided to remain anonymous, but we know that she is a pensioner and constantly visits the casino in which she hit her jackpot since 1993. Her winning record in the slot with a progressive jackpot has been confirmed just recently. According to the lady she often plays in online casinos too, but the largest win she gained there was just over $10,000.

Speaking about this significant event, the lady said: “I love my casino. Love it, love it, love it. This is my home away from troubles and all the staff, which I know to be unimportant. I know many people here, and they are just great. When I’m here, I feel at home.”

No matter how the lucky winner will spend her huge money, we are positive that she will never have to work again. Partially because she is a pensioner already, of course. But the main reason being that with the sum of over $1,300,000 she will be able to buy anything she wants for many years to come.