Aussie Poker star Alain Barataud suspected in a scam

Alex Norman
on Jul 27, 2014
in News

A star of the world poker tournament Alain Barataud (he is second from the left in the photo) is suspected in a world football championship scam. If you are one of football fans then you know the feeling when the world championship final if coming and you definitely want to get there. So did many Australian families. But at least for one of them these dreams will never come true and not because they had no money to spare for the event, but because the scam done by a famous poker player.

According to the most recent reports it was not the 1st time Alain Barataud has done a thing like that. Apparently he has been managing such scams for 3 World Cups at least! The scheme he used worked successfully to take millions of dollars from unsuspecting companies and families. One of the families was close to Alain himself, since his children went to the same primary school in Sydney as the victim’s kids. Tiago Silva trusted to Alain when he was saying that he was a hospitality agent of FIFA and that he had tickets to the Final waiting for them.

But once in Brazil Silvas family had to walk the Rio de Janeiro streets instead of watching Germany vs Argentina match. And all because mr. Barataund did not show up with the tickets he promised to bring. That is a stunning deed since the poker champion obviously knew that he was fooling a child and he personally knew that child! So now the police are dealing with this and other suchlike incidents. And meanwhile let us hope that no poker player will ever again use their skills in making people believe what is not with criminal intentions.