Australia waiting for high rollers

Alex Norman
on Jan 4, 2016
in News

Because of the living standards rise in many Asian countries and because of the desire of more and more players to have a good time, the Australian casinos expect an increase in revenue up to 6.2 billion dollars by the end of this decade.

The IBISWorld gambling market researching company, announces the opening of three new casinos in the next five years. Apparently, Australia has set the course to attract the Asian high rollers and to take a leading position in the world of gambling.

In IBISWorld the believe that “opening of new casinos reflects the industry’s power, which must be supported not only by a large number of domestic spendings, but also by an increase in revenue from players who come from other countries.”

New projects help Australian gamblers

There are also plans to accomplish two projects in Queensland, one of them being the Aquis Great Barrier Reef Resort in Yorkey’s Knob, worth 8.2 billion dollars. Let’s also not forget about the mega-resort on the Gold Coast, which according to preliminary estimates will cost $ 7.5 billion. Both projects have investors from China. Two new casinos in Queensland will be put into operation in the 2018/19 fiscal year.

“These projects demonstrate the intention to build a luxury entertainment complex with a casino to attract wealthy VIP player from South-East Asia”, – says Mr. Little from the Australian gambling commission. He believes that the new casinos in Australia are developed in line with the global trend of development of resort-style complex with a casino, which will offer visitors something more than just gambling.

According to most recent researches Australia also keeps the position of the most ‘online gambling’ nation. Last year players from this country won from online casinos averagely more than players from any other country in the world.