Australian bookmakers will no longer set max bets limits

Alex Norman
on Mar 2, 2015
in News

The New South Wales forbid the bookmakers lowering maximum bets amounts. A bit earlier the bookmakers offices agreed to set a max bets amounts of just two thousand dollars and not pay out anything over the figure. Before that they had top winning amount set on AUD 1,000. But the state decided to finally interrupt after hundreds of players claimed such an approach obviously unfair.

Land casinos play unfair

The head of the State’s Ministry for gambling Troy Gran noticed that such a thing as setting winning limits and suspending players’ accounts should not be allowed. He commented that there were no limits for loosing bets as well as for depositing to the players’ accounts. So it was utterly unfair banning slots and other casino games fans from claiming their fairly won jackpots.

Australia online casinos

The market of northern Australian states reached over 8 billion dollars last year. The market still has the potential of growing unless some factors interfere. It must be said that online casinos never have limits for wins and they even have higher jackpots than any land casinos. For instance such Progressive Jackpot as Mega Moolah by Microgaming had a top jackpot of over $4 million only a month ago.