Australians gamble online more than any other nation worldwide

Alex Norman
on Feb 9, 2015
in News

The most recent survey has shown that the land that hosts more online gamblers than any other place worldwide is the Land Down Under. Number of citizens who choose playing in online casinos in Australia is higher than even in the United States now! These results were rather surprising since before that the title of the most gambling nation belonged to Great Britain for years.

Win some lose some

But if we think about it we will understand that the recent win is actually quite logical and it could not be another way. The new laws were passed in Great Britain in December 2014, banning online casinos not located in the country from accepting British players. This was why many Microgaming and Playtech casinos (RTG online casinos as well actually) had no other choice than to explain their English players they were not allowed to play there anymore. This of course caused a strong decrease in the number of online gamblers in this land. In Australia the situation was and still is very different.

A new start for online casinos

OOnline gambling is fully legal in Australia. As well as land based casinos for that matter. The government believes that any fruit becomes sweeter if you forbid it and considers gambling a business just like any other. The business that has all rights to stay and bring people what it has to offers so long as they need it. And of course, so long as it follows some set rules and pays taxes. This is probably one of the reasons why Australia is actually considered by many a better place to live than modern Great Britain.