Japanese badminton was not allowed to the Olympics because of gambling

Alex Norman
on Apr 18, 2016
in News

Badminton Association of Japan has decided to suspend the athlete Kento Momota participation in the Olympics and other competitions because of his addiction to the casino.

Why suspend the gambler

Japanese athlete Kento Momota who occupies the second position in the list of the best athletes in the world and is the “second racket” of the world, will not take part in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. The corresponding decision was made in Badminton Association of Japan. It is connected with the fact that Momota was mixed up in the scandal with a visit to the casino which is a banned activity in Japan.

In addition, the badminton player will not be allowed to take part in competitions for an indefinite period. A similar situation exists around Kenichi Tago a team partner of Momota, who had previously been captain of the national team of the 2012 Olympic Games.

On the future of online gambling in Japan

In 2015, Japanese police have initiated a major raid on the underground gambling sites. During these activities the law enforcers have found that in 2014, the casino visitor Tago was more than 60 times, leaving approximately 10 million JPY ($ 92 thousand.). Mammoth visited casinos six times, losing JPY 500 thousand. ($ 4,6 thousand) there.

Note that in Japan, gambling is illegal, except for “Patika” slot machines with which one can make bet son horses. During the first visit gambling establishments provided for fines of up to JPY 500 thousand. ($ 4,6 thousand.). The second visit of the gambling facility threatened with imprisonment up to three years. For the organization of the underground gambling activities provided for imprisonment of up to 5 years.