“Black list” of online casino players

Alex Norman
on Sep 22, 2015
in News

We decided to investigate what a ‘black list’ at online casinos is and what players can be banned from playing online.

Rules of each online casino have one necessarily item, which allows its administrator to prohibit entry to any visitor. Such bans can be permanent or temporary. The visitor, who fell out of favor of a gambling establishment, will be automatically added to the blacklist of this particular casino. Absolutely every online gambling establishment has its own blacklist, which includes names of those customers who cannot play at certain casinos.

Registry of banned players

We must say that in the world capital of gambling business in Las Vegas, there is a single registry of ‘persona non grata’ for all land casinos. So practice of banning players who break rules of casinos appeared long before online gambling was even imaginable. They call this list the «List of Excluded Persons» and put down there names of crooks and malicious troublemakers. In such lands as Monaco and Egypt ban on visiting gambling establishments extends to all local people. However, some institutions use land called individual approach when the administrator of the gambling house at its discretion decide to ban someone, and who allow the entrance to the walls of the casino.

Black list for fair players

Moreover, there are function-specific black lists, in which the clients voluntarily inscribe their names. As a rule, it is the players who are aware of their dependence on gambling and want to be forbidden from playing online on purpose. This is one of the ways to cure gambling addiction, although probably – not the most efficient way. The countries where such lists are especially popular include United States and European Union.