Out of the blue: Brazil may legalize online gambling

Alex Norman
on May 24, 2016
in News

The lower house of the Brazilian parliament is going to vote for gambling legalization within the following month. Under the law will fall sports betting, online casinos and lotteries. The first man to say this was deputy of the Senate Erkulano Paços. This happened during the conference Brazil Gaming Congress held in Rio on May 12. According to him, we could be talking about hundreds of thousands of lottery video terminals and several dozens of land-based casinos.

Billions of dollars lost

Meanwhile, Brazil allowed betting on horse racing, lotteries and, of course, poker. The Senate proposed to the former president of the country to legalize bookmaking, but faced a tough rebuff: Dilma Rousseff insisted on further monitoring of the situation. According to the conclusions of experts, the state budget could already now receive about $ 4 billion in form of fees and taxes, if the Parliament could reach an agreement with the bookmakers.

Why the situation changes

Now President Dilma herself is at risk. She did not hold out for as long as she planned: the impeachment procedure has already started, and in the coming days she will probably be tried for corruption. Till that time she can be removed from her position in the state, and remain a simple citizen until the end of the investigation. In this case, the betting business in Brazil has more than excellent prospects. The expert estimate the market of illegal gambling in the country of coffee, football and carnivals at $ 5.7 billion. And all the money could be legal!