Casinos and gambling in Australia

Alex Norman
on Jul 26, 2016
in News

Australia is known as a tourist country, famous for its tourist attractions and strange flora and fauna. In addition this, the land is also recognized as a continent that loves sports. And one of the most common types of sports is, quite surprisingly, considered poker. There are about 18 major casinos and 30,000 slot machines in the Land-Down-Under. To flourish, they require obligatory agreement between the casino owners and the government. Every institution, pertaining to gambling, the loser must return most of the money. For example, if a pub or club, having a slot machine, the amount of return “consolation prize” of 85%, and in the casino, it comes to 90%, which is actually a pretty good idea for visitors.

The great land casinos in Australia

Most impressive in its scope and passion is probably the Crown Entertainment Complex gambling complex, in the state of Melbourne. It has 350 gambling tables and 5,000 slot machines and poker terminals. Those who live closer to Sydney have a great opportunity to visit Star Sity complex, which is located in the heart of the city. We can easily name it an Australian ” mini Las Vegas.” It has convenient facilities for playing American and European roulette, baccarat, blackjack and, of course, poker.

The competitors and the winners

Melbourne and Sydney are longstanding rivals at the venue of the famous poker tournaments, and often compete for the title of the best among them. It is also important to note the Jupiter Casino, which has a considerable demand among the visitors and operates around the clock. It offers enticing game rooms where you can play your favorite games, both with high bets, and on the minimum. In addition, this casino is housed in a charming hotel with all the amenities Conrad Jupiters, in a beautiful village, stretching in this tropical gardens of Broadbeach island.