Chinese gambling tourists choose Australia

Alex Norman
on Nov 3, 2015
in News

The so called ‘middle class’ is rapidly growing in recent years in China. In this regard the longing for luxury fans of online casinos started to go on tourist trips to other countries to meet their needs for excitement.

Several lands where land and online gambling is legal took advantage of this trend, but above all – Australia. For example the Land Down Under started opening large gambling establishments, focused on the Chinese online gambling fans.

Australia wins from China’s growth

It is worth noting that all of these casinos are focused mostly on wealthy amateurs from China, playing online roulette. It is thanks to them in countries such as Australia, the sector of gambling is developing at a very fast pace. More recently a large entertainment complex specializing in online gambling opened in Sydney. They spent over one billion dollars on construction of this casino complex.

Other countries refuse to fall back

But the Philippines do not lag behind its competitors. To attract Chinese fans to play online casino in this country, they also built a large entertainment complex valued at four billion dollars. South Korean authorities also put emphasis on the rapidly developing gambling tourism. In this regard, they launched several major new casinos and now expect more tourists from China to visit them.