Djokovic takes down Federer and becomes the Wimbledon champion

Alex Norman
on Jul 9, 2014
in News

In the recent Wimbledon event we have a new champion. Roger Federer was bitten by Novak Djokovic in this one of the most exciting Wimbledon finals of our time and the latter has received his 7th grand slam title. Federer could set a record by winning his 9th Wimbledon cup but the game did not quite go as he expected. He won the 1st set and saved the point in the 4th set and nevertheless he fell in the five-set total – 6-7 (7/9), 6-4, 7-6 (7/4), 5-7, 6-4.

Before that memorial game Djokovic had the stakes as the $2.88 favourite. And now that he has won the Wimbledon final he occupied the position of new world number one player! So after the typical dominant form after reaching the final was displayed he got playing just as $1.65 with many bookmakers to beat Federer, whose paying was $2.45. Federer can rightfully be called a living sport legend and he went to this championship knowing that it could easily be his last Wimbledon. But the truth is also that Djokovic is a great modern player and he has taken all before him, so the expectations were brought by the final.

Bothe the players commented the game after it was over. Federer said that the final was a great one. He could not believe he had made it to 5 set since it had not seemed great for some time. Djokovic in his turn confirmed that it was not easy for him to compete at such a high level, so both the players agreed that it was a great and intriguing game. Now Djokovic has better odds to win the final Grand Slam this year and he is followed by Rafael Nadal with his $3, Andy Murray with $4.50 and of course Roger Federer with $9.