Online gambling laws considered too restrictive in Europe

Alex Norman
on Jan 19, 2016
in News

As the US players continue to fight off the 1920th style prohibition of online gambling, to their utter jealousy, there are some in Europe who feel that their internet gambling laws are too restrictive.

The controversy centers around the provision which requires online operators to have the physical presence in the country where they are doing business. This Provision, many feel, should be considered discriminatory. The matter was addressed by commissioner from Poland, who said that this provision needed to be discussed.

Now, knowing the EU bureaucracy, it will probably take them several months to just decide whether or not they should at all meet for the discussion. After which they will most likely follow the procedure of re-passing the laws for years.

Europe’s leading operator to come back to business

While this was unfolding, one of the Europe’s leading online casino operators (who prefer their name not to be mentioned till things resolve), decided not to wait till the discussion, but to re-enter Belgium market now. Whether or not the highly prohibiting laws of this land allow the operator to make the glorious come-back will be clear in the matter of months.

Meanwhile, we are following online gambling news coming from US and Europe, and enjoy the freedom of online casinos choice we still have here in the Land Down Under.