Funds for the Hyperbaric Chamber will be raised by the Microgaming Soap Box Race

Alex Norman
on Aug 14, 2014
in News

On Saturday September the 13th one of the world’s largest online gambling software developers Microgaming company will hold the Soap Box Race. It will be the first such event on the Isle of Man and in Douglas correspondingly. All the money they will gather during the Race will be spent on buying a Hyperbaric Chamber that will be then presented to the Isle of Man hospital.

The idea of the event is very simple. The participants will get to create their own Soap Box vehicles that have no motors of course, but have a lot of fantasy input in them instead. Once all the participants are ready to go, they will roll downhill and the fastest person to do so will become the champion! There will be a special prize as well, and it will be presented to the participant who creates the most original and creative Soap Box vehicle. Surely Microgaming knows much on being original from its experience and that might be the main reason why the company decided to become its main supporter.

They will start the race at the Upper Church Street and it will finish at Barrack Street. So the route will go through the Courthouse, Bar George, the Rover’s Return and the Outback which would make it a truly picturesque one. And plus the fans will have several great spots to watch the Soap Box vehicles go down and to support their favorites. So if you were planning to visit Britain this autumn make sure you have the Isle of Man on your ‘must visit’ list!