Live and online casinos may be merged

Alex Norman
on May 4, 2015
in News

More and more people in Australia are wondering if it is possible to merge two such different spheres of gambling as online casinos and land ones. First of all, the question applies to online poker since the game has so many fans and not just in the Land Down Under. But since there are not so many countries in the world where land casinos are fully legal as they are here – not so many can test the real thrill of gambling in both brick-and-stone casinos and then in online casinos.

Are land casinos any good for online players

So is it possible to merge the two worlds and create a casino that would be available on land as well as online? The advantages of this happening are countless. Starting with the fact that this way the main argument of online casinos haters would be reduced to nothingness. They say that it is extremely difficult to control online casinos and to claim refunds or in case there are any issues. But if the casino you visit had a real land office where the claims were processed and where one could go should he have some important issues- this would be much simpler for everyone.

What other advantages there can be

Another great advantage of casinos online with land offices would be the possibility to feel the true atmosphere of a casino, to smell it and to really feel it and then take it home. Because to many it is a lot simpler to picture themselves in a real casino when playing online when they have the memory of visiting such a place in the recent past. At the same time, one would not need to drive downtown every time he wants to make a spin or two playing their favorite online games, but stay at home instead and simply join the online room of the casino he had visited and liked.