Marvel slot brings a million to a player

Alex Norman
on Mar 16, 2015
in News

One of Playtech’s Marvel series slot has brought a bit over a million to the Ultimate Power Jackpot player. Although not all the fans of Playtech games like the ‘superhero’ slots presented by the company, most of the still do. Thousands of gamblers join online casinos for Marvel slots daily and it results to the constant rising of progressive jackpot of the series. It is a known fact that top wins of the series never go under a million dollars.

Top Marvel wins

Winter 2015 was a really lucky season for one of the players who managed to hit the Ultimate Power Jackpot from Playtech. His prize is $1,076,604 which is the fourth largest progressive jackpot ever won at Marvel games. The first place in this rating is still occupied by a player from Chile who won $1,365,000 back in 2011. The second place is $1,099,000 and the third place is 1,088,000. They also promise that the games are soon to be found on mobile!

Marvel progressive slots

Slots of the Marvel series keep bringing wins to the players many years in the row. This year’s win is the 23rd for the Ultimate Power. But the fact is that it is just one of four progressive jackpots from Playtech. The other three are Power, Super Power and Extra and they offer different amounts of possible top wins. It is only possible to hit a jackpot by making it to the special prize game.