The billionaire lost millions in a casino and refuses to return his debts

Alex Norman
on Sep 10, 2015
in News

The billionaire, who lost £ 2 million in one of London’s casinos is not going to return his debts. Instead he says that his loses were caused by machinations of the devil.

Abdullah Al-Safa Dzhiburi (Safa Abdulla Al Geabury) caused quite a sensation and the request to call a psychiatrist after he made a statement claiming that the devil made him go to the casino and play for real money.

A 52-year-old businessman literally insisted that he really tried to resist the desire to make more and more bets. He added that casino employees should have helped him overcome this desire, to interfere rather than offer him a £ 5 million loan.

The High Court in London confirmed that Al-Dzhiburi really is in fact a very wealthy man. His collection of Islamic art is valued at more than $ 1 billion and that’s only the top of an iceberg.
Although Dzhiburi speaks English he made testaments through an Arabic interpreter. He noted that his wealth is a myth and he does not have his own yachts or palaces.

Still, he could not hide that back in 2010 he bought a classic Rolls Royce Phantom car for £ 120,000. He even showed pictures of his collection of diamonds to one of the casino’s employees when playing there.

But at present Al Dzhiburi claimes that he sold his Rolls Royce long time ago and that he has nothing to do with precious stones, and certainly has no expensive machines or collections of antiques.
Nevertheless, the casino decided to sue Al Dzhiburi for the sum of £ 2 million which he lost, and about £ 200,000 per cent on top of that. So let us wait and see what comes out of this story and be thankful that it would never happen at a casino online.