The multipurpose wallet by Playtech is now available at Winner

Alex Norman
on Jul 4, 2014
in News

Successful developer of today’s software platforms and services for gaming industry Playtech reported that its multi-balance wallet has launched Winner this June. The wallet offering is a part of the award- winning IMS, Playtech’s Information Management System, and is a true pride of the company.

The executive member of Playtech’s Cross Products team, Tony Khatskevich, assured that this migration is something that will be of great assistance and promotion. According to Mr. Khatskevich, Winner will definitely benefit from this launch and it will get all the extra help in increasing its player’s value up to maximum. The wallet will also be of great help for operators, so this harmonic offering is indeed unique and revolutionary invention.

Among the wallet’s main advantages is its universality. The thing is that numerous accounts for each product have been united to a single one, so it is now possible to operate with one account and wallet only. Especially to updated Winner wallet new splendid option has been added, namely the opportunity to shift funds from one product or game to another, modifying the balances. In addition it will create various cross-sell offerings: free spins and special bonuses. So now it’s more than comfortable for a player to enjoy any product like poker, casino, bingo or sports using a single wallet.

We should also underline the wallet’s benefit for operators. With one backend they can keep an eye on complete player’s activity creating corresponding gaming history and financial reports for each and every player.