Alex Norman
on Dec 17, 2015
in News

The World Enduro Motorcycle Champion David Knight is going to be a new Ambassador. This Program was created a few years ago with the goal to choose the champions in certain fields and let them represent the best company in the field of online gambling.

David Knight is one of the world’s greatest off road riders. When he started his professional racing career in year 2000 he was a young but ambitious man. And in a few years (in 2005) he has already won his first World Championship. But of course he did not stop there and continued winning instead. David gained 3 World Championships and sixteen British Championship titles since that time. Being able to travel worldwide he got lots of impressions of course. But most importantly he became the winner of 2 GNCC series, the prestigious Aussie Four Day title and America’s premier off-road racing series.

What the new ambassador had to say on the ocassion

The next several years were difficult ones due to the injury, but David Knight has still decided to revert back to his major strength, which is the extreme Enduros. So the 2013/14 season started for David on the seventeenth if November with the Super Enduro World Championship opener in Liverpool at the Echo Arena. And it started with him taking the honorable 2nd place. And now the famous sportsman has the support of such powerful company as Microgaming is.

David Knight thanked Microgaming for it and said that it would not be possible for him to travel all the enduro events worldwide with no financial support. That is why he was very thankful to the company for the support it chose to give him. According to him it was an honor to become an Ambassador and a part of the Microgaming family and he is looking forward to the future events.

What Microgaming had to say on the occasion

Microgaming company CEO, Roger Raatgever, has stated that they were delighted at the company when David agreed to join the Microgaming family. Because he personifies the features Microgaming is about, that is dedicatedness, being passionate and determined to be only the best. Roger Raatgever was observing the ride Devid had at the recent Super Enduro in Liverpool and it was obvious that he is a highly talented person. It is without a doubt the main reason why he has shone in his career this far. Microgaming is looking forward to the future success of David and wishes him the best luck in the following season.