Jackpot! An online casino hacked

Alex Norman
on Oct 22, 2015
in News

Just last week a lucky honest guy managed to win the biggest jackpot in Mega Moolah history. This week however, we are getting more disturbing news. Hackers managed to crack security system of one of online casinos and win a small jackpot of their own- 150,000 credit cards’ details.

Hackers group known as Fin5 apparently did not even sweat when breaking the casino’s security system, all because getting into the back office of the casino was not at all difficult. It seems that the casino, which remains anonymous in order to avoid new breakups (all we know for sure is that it does NOT belong to Microgaming and Playtech networks), did not know what is safety of their customers. According to experts, the online casino was very easy to break, and any novice hacker could get into the internal database of the casino. Which they successfully did.

Why hacked

They only had a single domain. There was no systems protecting the casino from external breakthrough, like a Firewall or even payment aggregators. If they had taken care and set at least the most primitive defense, it could have prevented the lamentable result for the casino. But they did not.

What’s stolen

The hacker’s prize is data of 150 thousand online casino customers, including credit card information. Hackers from Fin5, who are considered professionals, had created their own breaking code, to find the credit card details of customers of any organization. Using this code, Fin5 targeted the casino and gained the credit cards data. They did it very carefully too, so as not to involve security arrangements and avoid the transactions getting immediately blocked.