How to win playing online pokies

Alex Norman
on Feb 2, 2015
in News

Probably all online casino players asked this question at least once. Is it possible to win when playing online pokies? And most likely the answer they received was ‘yes, but the chances are against you’. Any fair and experienced online gambler will confirm that online casinos offer such a waste choice of pokies not only because they care about players so much, but also because they bring more money than some other online games types. The casino edge in case of the pokies is from 15% to 5% and that is a lot. But there are several simple roles that can be used to make the chances to win playing pokies a lot higher. These rules are very simple to follow.

What will help to win on pokies

Tip 1. It is a bad choice playing games that have high house (online casino) edge. One should check this amount before he starts playing the game.

Tip 2. In order to hit a considerable jackpot one should use top bets. It is no fun to hit a jackpot and then see that its amount is just several dollars because of the small bet.

Tip 3. Play slowly and never use the autoplay option. Enjoy the game if you want it to favor you.

Tip 4. Make bets of just 1 coin at a time. It is a lot easier to follow the game when you do so.

Tip 5. Always use the bonuses a casino gives you and join all sorts of promotions and tournaments. Basically, use anything an online casino gives you for free.

So these are five simple tips that can help any players in winning. Use them, enjoy the games and may the lady luck favor you today!