Online Roulette rules and tips (continued)

Alex Norman
on Feb 9, 2016
in News

Last time we went through the basic rules and tips on how to play the classic Roulette game. Today let us talk about the ways to win it more often. We must state from the very beginning that online roulette is a 100% game of chance. Since there is no skill involved in the online Roulette, so there is no best strategy for how to play. Yes, you can play doubling the bets until a certain point (as a rule online casinos set limits for bets), but other than that – you can just throw your bets around the table and hope that you get lucky enough to win.

How to make the casino edge lower

There are several simple yet effective tips that help decreasing the casino edge and thus increasing the player’s chances. First off, when choosing the roulette type make sure you join the table with only one Zero. In case of single zero field, the casino edge over you will only be 2, 7% unlike 5, 4% in case of the double zero. In European online roulette the odds can be even better, so do all it takes to find the online casino with this type of game.

How to win online roulette more often

The second suggestion for the players who want to become roulette winners is to win quickly. Certainly, this is easier said than done, but in reality – one of the best advises is to win quickly and then walk away from the table. Because the longer you keep betting, the longer that 5,4% house edge will keep eating away your bank roll. One basic online casino gambling principle says that in order to win you should only play the games with the lowest casino edge for the shortest periods of time.