Online Roulette rules and tips

Alex Norman
on Jan 26, 2016
in News

Today we are going to talk about how to play one of the most exciting online casino games – the Roulette. We will discuss the rules of this old yet extremely popular game and share with you several tips on how to win it more often. So, let’s begin!

The first thing to remember is that most online casinos offer several types of Roulette. They are the French Roulette, the European Roulette and the American Roulette. Online casinos prefer the letter one though, because American Roulette has double zero section and it gives the house a bigger edge. But truth is also that players usually do not mind, because playing this version is always huge fun.

The online Roulette wheel

The online Roulette wheel, just like the land Roulette wheel, has the pockets numbered from 1 to 36, plus Zero and Double Zero (which makes it total of 38 pockets). There are usually six virtual sits at an online roulette table and each player is traditionally assigned a different colour chip. Each table has its minimum chip value and the players know it from when they join the online casino game. The players can actually choose bets of what value they want to make.

Online Roulette bets types

Beside the minimum chip value, there is usually a minimum amount of bet. This is important, because if, say, the minimum chip value is $1 and the minimum bet value is $2 the player would have to make a single bet of $2 or two $1 bets on different colours or on similar colour.
Now, players can make Straight bets, that is bets on just one number. There is also the Split bet, when a player places chip on the line that separates two numbers. If either number wins, he or she will be paid at the rate of 17/1. Not all online casino Roulette types offer this type of bet though.

To be continued…