Poker Heaven game is now live on the network

Alex Norman
on Feb 7, 2014
in News

The MPN has announced short launching of one of the best known brands in the world of online poker on its network. They meant of course the Poker Heaven. Ever since it was established in year 2005 it has gained extreme popularity with the poker community and has become one of its favorite destinations. One of the reasons of this popularity is of course the TV tournaments they hold. Tanks to them the gamblers can compete in the television event for just 33 Euro and win bounty prizes. All they need to do is to knock out the channel’s presenters.

So now that Poker Heaven is live on the MPN the players can enjoy one (or all) of numerous features and promotions they offer. These were designed for the casual players specifically. They include the Blazing Cannon for this reason, as well as the Bad Beat Jackpot and the Achievements feature that was launched just recently. Most changes were undertaken to enhance the player-friendly aspect of the network and also include new Heads Up Blaze tables and the fact that amount guaranteed in the tournament schedule was increased.

The Head of Network Games at Microgaming Lydia Barbara said on the occasion that all agree that Poker Heaven belongs to the most respected names in the industry of online poker. And they were glad in the company that the chance appeared to work together.

The Director of HB Gaming Shaun Barron added that Poker Heaven was more than glad to become a part of the MPN. It is the network with very high growth potential and it does help to create long-term health of the poker ecology. The aim of Poker Heaven is to provide the players with an outstanding poker experience and now this goal can be achieved on the fullest.