PokerLoco joins Microgaming Poker Network

Alex Norman
on May 13, 2014
in News

The Latin American online gaming market leader of nowadays PokerLoco was founded in year 2005. It was using another provider in the beginning and when it changed to Microgaming Poker Network (or MPN for short) was the result of long thought and deep analysis.

The providers know of course, that being a key online poker network MPN offers a number of advantages to players. These include special promotions, player-oriented features, bigger tournaments so it was a natural and simple decision to join it, according to Mr. Manuel Lopes, Head of Poker at PokerLoco. He pointed out that MPN suites company’s aim to make each and single player a king when he is gambling online by means of harmonic poker environment.

Microgaming Poker Network is oriented towards entertaining and even introducing new class of players. It constantly improves its network by providing new features, for example Blazing Cannon and Player Achievements that started off last year. Among prospective plans MPN mobile software presently released more than twenty brands that are worth a separate story about them. The products and services of Microgaming fitted perfectly PokerLoco’s needs causing its speedy integration with Quickfire platform. It would without a doubt give highly demanded Casino content assess to PokerLoco players. The Spokesperson for Poker at Microgaming Alex Scott said that within the next several years deep inspiring reforms will aim to improve poker game. The newly created PokerLoco and Microgaming alliance is also believed to modify mutual future of poker game.