Casino Crown scandal

Alex Norman
on Feb 23, 2016
in News

The Melbourne famous casino Crown is once again on the display. This time there is the fraud story with one of the casino’s employees. The security service arrested a twenty-years-old dealer and handed him to the local authorities. The croupier who had it as a temp job (he is a student at the Melbourne University) now faces a severe punishment for his deeds.

How it worked

According to the casino Crown security service the croupier cheated when playing craps. As the result the casino has suffered losses in the amount of AUD 100 thousand. When the young man was at the table he kept paying his accomplices even when they were in fact losing bets. This simple scheme somehow worked for a couple of months before it was spotted thanks to the cameras placed all around the casino.

What are the sequences

After the investigation was over, five more people were arrested. They are also facing criminal liability for the fraud. The machinations of the dealer were spotted while viewing cameras. The security staff noticed that during the popular Chinese game Sic Bo, a company of five people the same dealer pays money constantly. Now they can get to prison for five to more years for their deeds.