The Gambler movie review

Alex Norman
on Apr 13, 2015
in News

Today’s online casinos give the chance to earn money, to entertain us or distract from everyday’s hustle and bustle. Online gambling is a quite brave and fun way to experience the thrill, but what happens when the distraction becomes involved? There are probably loads of players asking this question, because even the Hollywood decided to investigate the issue and this is how The Gambler movie has been created.

More details on the movie

The film was directed by Rupert Wyatt which makes it a thriller right away. As you probably know, this director is famous for releasing the films that are sort of catchy and intriguing. The Gambler tells the story of a university teacher, a talented man from a wealthy family who had all it takes to lead a happy and carefree life. However, as it often happens, he had a weakness due to which something went wrong. Jim happens to be a passionate online casino fan and this makes him similar to so many players worldwide. But unlike most he does not seem to know when to stop. When gambling, Jim will increase the rate of bets in an arithmetic progression till he wins or loses everything! It may seem that he is gambling using the Martingale strategy, but this is not the story here. He is simply a maximalist, so for him it goes all or nothing and never other way around.

Is the movie worth watching

The answer to this important question will be an absolute ‘yes’. Although there will not be any mentioning of such online casino industry leaders as Microgaming or Playtech, and although the movie does not really follow an everyday online casino gambler’s life in details – it is still worth watching by all those who consider themselves gambling fans. All because there will be an interesting story of a guy who is just like us, the casino fans; and also because there will be some tricks and actions shown helping to win from online casinos. So going to the cinema for The Gambler movie is a must for all the casino online players.