The players have hit mpn’s bad beat jackpot four times over the holidays

Alex Norman
on Jan 15, 2014
in News

The players from different countries have hit the Microgaming’s MPN’s Bad Beat Jackpot 4 times in the holiday period. Between December 25th and 31st as many as forty seven players became the happy winners and will certainly remember this Christmas and New Year as the luckiest one!
The MPN’s Bad Beat Jackpot was changed a good deal in March last year and since then it hit almost weekly paying to several people each time. But hitting it four times in a week is really an exception and a Christmas miracle to the lucky players. The way to trigger the jackpot now is for a player to lose with Twos or better, Four of a Kind and it would then pay out to anyone who has opted in on that stake. So as you see it may be easy to hit it under certain circumstances and yet not many do.
The reasons why the MPN’s Bad Beat Jackpot is unique are as follows. First of all the players hit it very frequently and many people get paid out when it is hit. The admin fee is not present here and all the money the opted-in players have paid goes to the winners. Plus, as a rule the traditional Bad Beat Jackpots are not as player-friendly as the MPN’s. They hit every few months only and pay out to the winning table players. There is also the ten percent administration charge which makes the jackpots poor value for the players.
The Head of Network Games at Microgaming Lydia Barbara has said that it was of course the pleasure when the players have hit jackpots during the year, but for some reason it felt even more special when they did so over the holidays. She has also congratulated the lucky winners from the name of Microgaming company and whished them and other players as much luck in the new year.
And we will add that the Bad Beat Jackpot is only one of player-friendly features which were added to MPN last year. They have introduced 2 new platforms, which were HTML5 mobile and Mac OS as well. The Achievements, Blazing Cannon and many other releases built in order to make online poker games still more fun and enhance the player experience. We hope year 2014 will be just as productive for the Microgaming Company and wish them and their players all the good luck!

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