Trustworthy online casinos

Alex Norman
on Nov 24, 2014
in News

Playing in online casinos has a lot more advantages than it has drawbacks. But the chance of signing with an unfair casino is the one disadvantage that can create a real problem for a player. The chances of this happening are extremely minor, and still – it never hearts to know how to reduce those chances to zero. This is why we decided to provide you with some tips and hints on what a cautious player should look after when going online for casino games.

Unfair online casinos

First thing to mention is that unfair casinos seldom do something illegal and fraud. As a rule, they do not provide untrue information, but they give information that is only partially true. For instance such online casinos can set a huge bonus and really mean it, but they set such wagering requirements for this bonus that almost no players would meet them. Also, there were cases when online casinos withhold the players’ winnings on ridiculous grounds. When something like this happens it can be extremely difficult to prove that the claimed funds were on the account and that a player initiated the withdrawal.

What to do if in trouble

The players who got unlucky and came across a dishonest online casino have several possible scenarios placed before them. First off, they can (and should actually) contact the watchdog casino groups whose job is making positive online casinos fit the industry standards. The most famous from these organizations is eCOGRA group. Its job is to check online casinos and issue the seal of approval to those that meet the set requirements for fairness. So in case the unfair online casino is question is a member of eCOGRA, then the legal department of this organization should be contacted immediately. In case the issue proceeds or when the casino is not an eCOGRA member, the players can start complaining on the improper behavior of the casino on online gambling forums. This can prove very effective, since no one likes bad advertisement.