YouTube bans some online casinos videos

Alex Norman
on Dec 29, 2014
in News

More and more online casino partners are watching their YouTube channels closed every day for no apparent reason. It has become a recent tendency that this Google owned service bans the videos related to online gambling in this way or the other.

Why ban

YouTube channels of such casinos online as GamingSlots and Slot Junkies have already been closed. And the largest online casinos software providers including Microgaming, RTG and Playtech are expecting some of their posts to be razed too. The issue appears to be that YouTube management adopted new Terms of Service rules according to which and videos containing promotional info on slots and other online games would not be allowed any more.

What online players think of this

But of course the world of online gambling has reacted to this intrusion immediately and tons of negative comments have been sent to YouTube and Google managers demanding to stop this discrimination. It is the fact that even the countries that officially allow online gambling fell victims to this new YouTube terms. Many online casinos are already starting to use Vimeo for posting their videos in order to avoid this discrimination. Of course one can understand why YouTube are doing this, but clearly it would be a lot better and simpler to only ban the countries that do not allow online gambling instead of cutting the whole world right away.